Wifes First Time

I had met JT online after he had read one of my stories about how my innocent wife had been used by a friend of mine. He had e-mailed me and expressed a desire to have the same thing happen to his wife. We conversed numerous times and finally hatched a plan. His wife, Sonya, was petite and very pretty. In our conversations he had let me know that he was the only one that she had ever been with. Although she enjoyed sex, it was always routine and never what you would call kinky. She had come from a proper upbringing, and combined with the fact that she was somewhat shy, he never imagined that she could be turned into the wonton slut that he had hoped.

I had talked to Jim, my business partner, and he had agreed it would be fun to fly out and see them. I knew that if anybody could entice Sonya into doing things she would not normally consider, he could. The plan was quite simple really. JT had arranged for someone to watch his kids, telling Sonya that they were going out of town for a special weekend. We were would just happen to run into them at the hotel and he was going to introduce us as really good friends of his from school. We would meet that first evening for dancing and drinks and after a few hours together, I would come up with an excuse for JT and I to leave together for a little while, leaving Sonya to Jim’s charms. A large part of the plan was for JT not to have sex with Sonya for a while in order to insure she was in the mood. JT had written to me enough times that I knew some of Sonya’s most sensitive areas.

Jim and I arrived on Friday and I was quite excited to see Jim ravage another man’s wife like he had done mine. I knew JT and Sonya would be in for the weekend of their life. Jim and I waited in the lobby until we saw JT and Sonya check in. She was looking hot. She was short with perky breasts. I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on them. As JT walked by, I slipped him a sheet of instructions for the evening. He was to meet Jim and me at the hotel lounge where we were staying. It was across town and played a key role in our plan. He was to make sure that Sonya had no money and did not take her purse with her. We would meet them there at 10pm when the introductions of old school buds would take place. At 11:30, I would ask him if he would take me in his car to go back to the airport for a lost bag, leaving Sonya and Jim in the hotel bar.

Jim and I went back to our hotel and prepared the room for Sonya. Jim removed some vibrators and restraints from his bag. We then went over again details of Sonya’s intimate weaknesses; the sensitive clit, her nipples and the sight of a nice large cock. At 9:30 we headed to the bar and waited. Right on time, in walked JT and Sonya. Sonya was in a killer tight dress that accentuated her breasts and tight little ass. As they walked by, JT saw us and went into his act. We made all the introductions and invited them to sit with us. Jim immediately offered to buy drinks for old times sake, and the evening was then set in motion. We all had a few drinks when finally Jim asked JT if he could dance with his gorgeous wife. She was reluctant at first but JT said to go right ahead. He had made it clear how good of friends we had been.

Jim and Sonya went out on the dance floor and started off to a slow song. Sonya took a proper position but Jim quickly wrapped both arms around her and pulled her close. You could definitely see she was a little embarrassed but relented so as not to offend JT on this special weekend. While the two of them were on the dance floor, I told JT to tell her that we were in town on a business venture that we had invited him in on. He was to tell Sonya to treat Jim nice so as not to ruin his chances of getting in on a good business deal. Jim and Sonya returned to the table after a few dances and Jim and I excused ourselves to get more drinks. JT took the opportunity to share this new info with Sonya. When we came back, I asked JT if he could drive me to the airport to pick up my luggage. Sonya looked disappointed but agreed to stay with Jim while we went.

JT and I excused ourselves, and left the lounge. We quickly left but instead of leaving the building, we made our way to the second floor of the lounge where we would have a bird’s eye view of Jim and Sonya. Jim knew he had to take it slow with her because she was so shy, but he also knew he could use that to his advantage. We watched as they talked and laughed. Jim would sit closer and closer to her and eventually managed to put his arm around her. Pretty soon they were back on the dance floor. With each song, Sonya seemed to become more comfortable and allowed Jim to drop his hands lower and lower. He would occasionally give her a quick ass grab and she would jump. He would laugh and act like it was a joke and pull her back to him each time. After an hour I called Jim on his cell phone and told him we would be delayed. JT got on the phone and told her to wait for him up in our room. He apologized and told her that we would call when the bags had arrived.

We could see Jim and Sonya talking for a minute and then they both got up and headed out of the lounge. We gave them a few minutes and then headed to the room right beside Jim’s where we had set up a T.V. attached to a video camera in the room where Jim would take Sonya. We turned on the T.V. and saw Sonya seated on the couch and Jim pouring them drinks. We now could here what they were saying. Jim approached the back of the couch and handed Sonya her drink. He set his on the table and started to massage her shoulders. She was tense at first but began to relax and told Jim how good it felt after a day of driving. She closed her eyes and leaned forward to allow him to have better access to her back. She melted at his touch and set her drink down to better enjoy his the massage.

She commented on his ability to give a massage and he told her how he had trained to become a massage therapist. He continued to rub her back and neck until he finally said that this wasn’t working. Jim told her to come lay on the bed and it wouldn’t hurt his back so much. She was going to object but he politely lifted her and walked with her to the bed. She lay face down with her arms pressed against her sides. He sat beside her on the bed and again began to lightly rub her back and neck. Once again she relaxed to his touch. When she had completely relaxed, her took each one of her arms on put them straight out from her body. He told her this would help her muscles relax. He also lifted up the straps that we had tied to the bed earlier. She kind of looked at them strange and asked him what they were for. He told her to grab onto each one and pull against them when he told her to. This would allow her to flex her back muscles so he could massage them better.

He continued to rub her back and intermittently had her pull on the straps. “Just a sec, let me make it easier for you.” He then reached over and secured each one to her wrists. She was somewhat naive to what he was doing and didn’t put up much of a fight. He then continued the massage so as not to alarm her. After a few minutes he began to unzip her dress down the back.

“Hey, what are you doing?” she asked as he slowly pulled the zipper down to her ass.

“Just relax Sonya, this will make it easier and more enjoyable.”

“I don’t think we should do this,” she said but Jim just ignored her. He finished unzipping her dress and slid his hands into the dress and onto her bareback. She struggled for a minute but he held her firmly as he rubbed her back. He then reach up and undid her bra. He now took advantage of her shyness and firmly told her to relax and let him work his magic. He told her her husband wouldn’t be back for a while and that they were going to have a little fun.

Jim reached up and grabbed the top of her short dress under her arms and in one complete motion, pulled it and her bra off. She now lay spread eagle on the bed with only he panties and hose on. Sonya lay completely still in shock. Once the dress was off, Jim got up on the bed and straddled her ass and began to rub her back again. He reached up on the nightstand and took out a bottle of massage oil.

I looked over at JT and he was glued to the T.V. He had a large buldge in his pants and was obviously enjoying the show. Mean while, back in the room, Jim was rubbing his hands up and down Sonya’s smooth back which was glistening with oil. He now started to rub down the side of her back and lightly touch the sides of her breasts. As he rubbed her breasts, her body became more relaxed as she gave into the sensations of his touch. Jim reached up and turned on the light on the night stand. He then got up and switched off the main light in the room. He knew this would make her more comfortable with what he was going to do next. Jim returned to the bed and once again straddled Sonya’s waist. He told her he was going to undo her wrists and she was to roll over. She did as he instructed. She tried to cover her breasts with her elbows but he quickly took each arm and resecured them in the straps.

Sonya turned her head to the side in embarrassment at having a strange man have total access to her breasts. Jim reached up again and took the bottle of massage oil and applied a generous amount to his hands. He rubbed his hands together and then lightly started to massage her belly. In small circular motions, he made his was to her luscious breasts. He took each breast completely in his hand and squeezed each one. Sonya just lay there but you could see her breathing becoming heavy. Jim now took each nipple between his finger and thumb and twisted each one. Sonya didn’t have large areolas but her nipples were long and tender. Jim twisted and pulled and soon her breasts were red from the attention he was giving them. Sonya’s legs started to twist against each other as she started to enjoy the sensations and tired to create pressure between her legs. Jim now leaned forward and took each nipple into his mouth. His tongue would dart out and touch the nipple lightly. He would tickle just the end of each nipple and then lightly swirl his tongue around the tip, going lower and lower until he would suck in the entire nipple into his mouth.

“Does that feel good Sonya?” She said nothing but continued to cross her legs and rub her crotch against whatever she could find.

“I’ll take your silence as a yes,” Jim quietly laughed as he licked each nipple.

Jim got each nipple good and hard and then reached up to the nightstand. He picked up a clear plastic box filled with little gold rings. He fingered through the box until he found two of just the right size. He bent down and sucked on her left nipple and left a lot of saliva. He then took the gold ring and slid it over the end of her nipple. It was a snug fit. He pushed it over the end and then took the other end and pinched the end of the nipple and with the other hand, slid the ring down to the base of the nipple. He gave one last tug and it looked as if he was really stretching her nipple. Sonya let out little whimpers as he now repeated this procedure on her other breast. When he was done, each nipple stood out at least ¾ of in inch and remained hard with the pressure applied by each ring. He then took each palm and rubbed her nipples. They were red and hot and looked delicious.

Jim slid slowly to the end of the bed and sat on Sonya’s ankles. He reached up and put his fingers in the waistband of her panties. With a slow pull they peeled from her most private parts. As they slid off, you could see her lips were red and moist. He pulled them completely off spread her legs with each hand. He then leaned close and blew lightly on her pussy. He then began to softly lick around the outside of each lip. Although still at first, Sonya now began to push her crotch against his face. He now began to lick more feverously around the outside of her mound. Sonya started to slowly push herself into his face. Her mouth opened in a big sigh as Jim inserted his tongue into her tight pussy. He licked the inside of each lip and made small circular motions that drove Sonya crazy. He eventually found her clit and sucked it hard into his mouth. She let out a more audible moan and bit down on her lip. Her nipples were still red and extended from the rings cutting off the blood supply to each nipple. The view was incredible. Sonya tied to the bed, her arms spread eagle, each nipple protruding from her chest as Jim savagely licked her to orgasm. As she came, Jim held her legs tight with his arms and pushed his tongue into her as hard as he could. He would alternate between this and sucking on her clit. Her body shuddered as each tremor made a wave through her body. Her chest was arched upwards as she had multiple orgasms.

When the last one shook her body, Jim began to kiss and suck on each leg and on her abdomen. She would shake each time he found a sensitive spot. His tongue left her skin, which was covered in goose bumps, glistening with his saliva. Jim stood and removed his pants and shirt. His cock stood out at attention. He was large but not huge. Sonya looked up at him and stared at his manhood. He returned to the bed and straddled her waist. He took each nipple again in his mouth and then proceeded up to kiss and suck her neck. He wrapped his hands in her hair and sucked hard on her neck. She gasped at the sensation of his kiss and his hard cock rubbing against her stomach. When he stopped sucking, there was a rather large hickey beginning to form on her neck.

Jim then took her by the waist and pushed her body so her head was hanging over the edge of the bed. He moved lower on her body and once again began to suck on her clit. The response was immediate as she once again bit down on her lip and closed her eyes. “Do you want my cock in you,” Jim asked as he licked her inner thigh. A muffled yes came from her lips as Jim took his finger and placed in at the entrance to her pussy. He gently rubbed her mound and clit. Sonya’s breathing became heavier. Jim took his cock in his hand and positioned the head at the entrance to her vagina. Ever so slowly he inserted it into her until it was buried as far as it would go. He left it there for a minute and then started to slide slowly in and out of her. As his pace increased, he reached up and undid the restraints on her wrists. She lifted her arms and wrapped them around him and pulled herself to him as close as she could. He continued to pump into her as he held her tightly.

I tapped JT on the shoulder and told him it was time for us to make our appearance. He slowly rose and we quietly opened the door that divided the two rooms. Sonya’s head was hanging over the end of the bed and bobbled from side to side as Jim continued his assault on her pussy. She noticed us walk into the room and cried out and tried to stand but Jim held her tightly.

“Oh JT, I……., I’m soooo sorry,” she cried as Jim continued to fuck her. She kept trying to get up and talk but Jim held her fast.

“JT, take of your clothes and put that cock of your into her mouth so she knows this is okay,” Jim puffed. Sonya looked surprised as JT quickly removed his clothes and approached the bed naked. Jim got up on his arms and slowed his pace as Sonya looked wide eyed as JT walked forward holding his cock in his hand. He looked at her for a moment and then took her head in his hands and tilted in backward. He bent slightly and inserted his cock into her mouth. Sonya didn’t react at first but then quickly began to suck on his shaft, almost out of a sense of guilt. JT started to hump his wife’s mouth. He tilted his head back and fucked her mouth for all he was worth. After a few minutes, he came with a huge grunt and held her head firm as she swallowed his cum for the first time. After he had cum, he lay beside her on the bed and began to rub her breasts. Cum was on her cheek as she watched him play with her breasts.

Jim now began to get close to cumming and once again lay on top of her and push his manhood into her. He came with a load grunt. He lay there for a minute and then got up and asked if I’d like a turn. I quickly removed my cloths and positioned myself at the entrance to her pussy. It felt great as I slid in. She was completely lubricated and the sensation was awesome. JT continued to rub her breasts as I hammered away at that sweet pussy. After a few minutes I also came and filled her for the third time.

Sonya now realized that JT was not mad and after I had what I wanted she rolled onto JT and they kissed passionately. Her sweet little ass was up in the air as Jim and I rubbed every inch on her body. She quickly mounted JT because she was so excited. As she the two of them fucked, Jim went to the bag and took out a small vibrator. He told JT to hug her tight as he lubricated the small device and inserted in into her bottom. With a quick twist it came to life and so did Sonya.

“I think you will both enjoy this,” Jim said as her patted her ass and we both left the room to let them enjoy their newfound lust.