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Wifes First Time

I had met JT online after he had read one of my stories about how my innocent wife had been used by a friend of mine. He had e-mailed me and expressed a desire to have the same thing happen to his wife. We conversed numerous times and finally hatched a plan. His wife, Sonya, was petite and very pretty. In our conversations he had let me know that he was the only one that she had ever been with. Although she enjoyed sex, it was always routine and never what you would call kinky. She had come from a proper upbringing, and combined with the fact that she was somewhat shy, he never imagined that she could be turned into the wonton slut that he had hoped.

I had talked to Jim, my business partner, and he had agreed it would be fun to fly out and see them. I knew that if anybody could entice Sonya into doing things she would not normally consider, he could. The plan was quite simple really. JT had arranged for someone to watch his kids, telling Sonya that they were going out of town for a special weekend. We were would just happen to run into them at the hotel and he was going to introduce us as really good friends of his from school. We would meet that first evening for dancing and drinks and after a few hours together, I would come up with an excuse for JT and I to leave together for a little while, leaving Sonya to Jim’s charms. A large part of the plan was for JT not to have sex with Sonya for a while in order to insure she was in the mood. JT had written to me enough times that I knew some of Sonya’s most sensitive areas.

Jim and I arrived on Friday and I was quite excited to see Jim ravage another man’s wife like he had done mine. I knew JT and Sonya would be in for the weekend of their life. Jim and I waited in the lobby until we saw JT and Sonya check in. She was looking hot. She was short with perky breasts. I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on them. As JT walked by, I slipped him a sheet of instructions for the evening. He was to meet Jim and me at the hotel lounge where we were staying. It was across town and played a key role in our plan. He was to make sure that Sonya had no money and did not take her purse with her. We would meet them there at 10pm when the introductions of old school buds would take place. At 11:30, I would ask him if he would take me in his car to go back to the airport for a lost bag, leaving Sonya and Jim in the hotel bar.

Jim and I went back to our hotel and prepared the room for Sonya. Jim removed some vibrators and restraints from his bag. We then went over again details of Sonya’s intimate weaknesses; the sensitive clit, her nipples and the sight of a nice large cock. At 9:30 we headed to the bar and waited. Right on time, in walked JT and Sonya. Sonya was in a killer tight dress that accentuated her breasts and tight little ass. As they walked by, JT saw us and went into his act. We made all the introductions and invited them to sit with us. Jim immediately offered to buy drinks for old times sake, and the evening was then set in motion. We all had a few drinks when finally Jim asked JT if he could dance with his gorgeous wife. She was reluctant at first but JT said to go right ahead. He had made it clear how good of friends we had been.