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Party Fun

Well this is what I wanted. Emma thought to herself as she felt Buzz’s hand slide up under her top. It was the reason she had come to the party to get a fuck and specifically to fuck Buzz. It was the reason she’d put on the smallest tightest skirt she had and the little strapless top that showed off her navel. It was why she’d spent two hours on her long red hair getting it just right and working on her make up to accentuate her deep blue eyes and firm cheek bones. This was why she had decided not to wear a bra and to put on a small thong. She’d even fished out her one pair of high-heeled shoes so that her calf and thigh muscles would be made more visible to all.

Before she even arrived at the party she knew all her work had paid off. She had felt the eyes of the two guys walking past. Seen the look the taxi driver gave her as she got into his car. Then when she reached the party she had felt the eyes of every guy there look at her. Her skin virtually burned as they all undressed her with their eyes. And what was under the very small amount of clothing was worth undressing. She was above average height slim and beautiful. Her red hair was styled so a few strands hung down over her shoulder. The top was tight and she had left the top two buttons undone so her cleavage could be seen. Not that she was a big girl but they were big enough to be noticed and for her to show off. Her blue eyes shone out from a pretty face with a slim neck and soft shoulders. The skirt barely came down her firm shaped thighs and the shoes improved the definition of her calf muscles immensely. At 21 she was in her prime and knew it.

So it had been frustrating that Buzz had not yet noticed her. Three months, since the semester started at her university, she had been chasing him. Now with the summer holidays approaching fast she was running out of time. Oh not that she’d been with out sex, Emma knew she could get sex easily enough. But she wanted Buzz; wanted him badly. He was in the university rugby team and was a hunk in every way. The girls all wanted him and he knew it. But he was very picky often not going with any girl at the many parties he went to.

So much so that she’d nearly not gone to this party. But her friend had persuaded here. It was after the local derby with the cities other university team. If they won Buzz would be in a good mood. So she had turned up, and they had won so Buzz was in a great mood. Emma had moved towards him and to her total surprise he actually spoke to her first. He even had known who she was. They had started to chat, then to flirt as always happens once the alcohol started to flow. She could not remember how they got into the garden but some how they had. Then he kissed her, a hard kiss his lips pressed to hers. She felt his tongue pushing at her lips and willingly opened her mouth to it letting him wrap his tongue around hers.

He had pulled her tight against him; she could feel how strong he was. The muscles of his arms wrapped around her. His hands running down her back and over her stomach. Then they slid up towards her top lifting the hem and moving higher. She waited breathing hard knowing what his hands were about to find. They moved up over her breast and she heard his soft hiss of surprise. His fingers kneed the firm flesh of her breasts as he gave a soft whistle.

“Well, well Miss Delaney making it easy are you?” She gave a soft nervous giggle.

“Just couldn’t find a bra that went with the top.” She answered nonchalantly. He smiled and kissed her hard pushing his hands into her breasts harder. She felt the back fence behind her as he pushed her back against it. He lent down to kiss her neck, Emma hissed softly at the sensation. His one hand moved down her stomach towards her tiny skirt.