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Jans Wedding Night

Jan was 23 when I met her and completely modest in every way. She was quiet and shy and blushed at the slightest hint of anything suggestive. The way she dressed was fitting with her strict upbringing, and her figure was petite. 5’4″, 125 lbs, long dark hair, pale blue eyes. Great legs, but always kept hidden under skirts. A small, tight bottom that looked incredible in tight pants, and 34B breasts that were always hidden under a bra.

We began dating and though we did not marry for three years, the furthest I got with her physically was some groping over her clothes of those firm breasts and that marvelous rear. Neither one of us was a virgin and she openly admitted to allowing a past boyfriend have his way with her. Nevertheless she insisted we wait until after marriage, and though this was during the freewheeling 70s, I respected her wishes and held back. The closest I got to seeing her body was in a modest bikini, although the cold water sometimes would force her nipples to push through her top and make it obvious that there were some incredible nipples underneath. This is the first installment of my collection of true stories about my girl, starting with the night I first saw the real Jan . . . . on our wedding night.

The ceremony was small and casual with just a few friends and family. We made it to a nice hotel room in Los Angeles on the 10th floor. In room Jacuzzi and all the extras. The bride wanted to get out of wedding dress without messing it up, so she went off to change in the bathroom. She came out wearing a black satin floor length nightgown which stood out perfectly against her pale skin. I smiled in approval and watched her slowly turn and model for me. The nipples I had been waiting so patiently to see were pressing out against the fabric, and as she stood a few feet from where I was sitting she ran her fingers up over her stomach and under her breasts. Her fingers were noticeably trembling as she gently cupped her breasts for a few seconds, then brushed over both of those incredible points. Her blushing increased and a tiny moan escaped at the stimulation, as if she wanted to act sexy and tease me, but couldn’t quite find the nerve. We embraced and kissed deeply, again causing her to moan and tremble all over. We had kissed passionately many times, but not with this much anticipation.

The first of many memorable hot moments in our relationship happened at that point. Jan stepped back and pushed my arms down and my hands away from her. She looked straight into my eyes and sighed as she untied the sash around her waist. The gown opened slightly revealing the pale skin between her breasts. In exquisite slow motion, she reached up, her hands shaking, and began to open the gown for my eyes. For the first time I saw those awesome pink nipples. They were pointing straight out and even bigger than I imagined. The areola were also bigger than I thought- the classic silver dollar size- and as the fabric fell away it caught on one of the nipples and made it snap back into place. She giggled slightly and watched me for my expression, and she must have liked it, because she smiled widely let me feast on the sight.

Of course my hands were quickly up and inspecting her for the first time over bare skin, and she groaned as I softly pinched the tips and lifted those firm mounds of flesh. As she stared into my eyes I slipped the gown back and off her shoulders, allowing it to fall at her feet. She stood there in silky black tap pants (loose fitting panties like small boxers) and black heels (nice touch with the shoes!) We embraced, kissed, fondled, and eventually moved a few feet to the bed, where I gently lowered her to her back and continued the exploration. I will never forget the first time I took one of those perfect stiff nipples into my mouth. She inhaled sharply and grabbed my arms, but allowed me to continue.