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Heart To Heart

“So, how was the honeymoon,” Fay Vickers asked her just married daughter, Katie!?! “Really good, mom,” she replied, “everything as just great, and we’re both hoping we get to go back to Cancun again someday, it was incredibly beautiful!” “Sit down, dear,” her mother said while pouring them both a cup of coffee, “and tell me all about it!” Katie took the steaming hot cup from her mother’s hand, situated herself in the kitchen chair, and after taking a sip, she replied softly, “I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful the whole honeymoon was, mom, we played golf, went on a boat ride, pigged out on the food like there was no tomorrow, and took moon lit walks on the beach!” “It sounds wonderful, dear,” Fay replied smiling, “I’m sure that you and Jack will be very happy together!”

The two women had been gabbing about Katie’s new apartment and Jack’s new job as a civil engineer when Katie cleared her throat, and in a low voice said, “Uh mom, can I ask you a question!?!” “Sure, dear,” Fay replied, “ask away!” “Well this is really personal,” Katie said softly! Fay reached over and touched her daughter on the hand and offered, “Don’t worry, honey, you can ask me anything, after all, I am your mother!” “Yeah,” Katie replied, “I know, it’s just a little embarrassing that’s all!” Fay smiled gently at her eldest daughter while waiting patiently for her to get to the point! After taking a deep breath and another drink of coffee, Katie looked her mother in the eye and began, “Well, uh, I think that you know that I was a virgin on my wedding night, and I’m really glad that I waited, cuz it was real special and all, but now I have some questions I need answered!”

“From the sound of things you seem to have everything pretty much under control,” her mother replied, “but if you need a tip or two I certainly will try and give you my best advice!” Katie nodded gratefully to her mother and then offered, “The sex was absolutely fantastic and we’d actually stay in bed for three or four hours at a time making love over and over again until we were just too tired to go on!” “That doesn’t sound like a problem to me,” Fay said with a twinkle in her eye! “Oh it’s not that, mother,” Katie replied quickly, “it’s just that, well I don’t know exactly how to put it, but you see, I have this fixation and it’s always on my mind!” “A fixation on what, dear,” Fay asked with a small smile creeping over her lips!?! “Oh, gosh,” Katie replied red faced, “I shouldn’t have even brought all this up, I’m so embarrassed!” “I think I know what your problem is,” Fay said gently, “it’s not really a problem though, and all young women eventually must face what you’re going through right now!” “D-did you have this problem too,” Katie asked softly!?! “Well, dear,” her mother replied, “you speak of it as if it’s in the past tense, but I still feel exactly the same way I did on my wedding night, I’m still just as addicted to your father’s penis as I was back then!”