Strip Poker

Erin had no idea what she was getting into when she agreed to attend an old friend’s “Game Night”. Then again, she couldn’t really know as she wasn’t given any details. Her suspicions became aroused when she couldn’t get any information out of her friend. All she got was that she would have fun. So it was with no small amount of trepidation that she got ready on Saturday. Without knowing what kind of “games” were going to be played, she dressed conservatively. She figures that a knee length, maroon skirt combined with a white, off the shoulder top and flats for shoes should be just fine. Since it was a warm night, she decided to go without the pantyhose.

She pulled up to the house at a few minutes past eight in the evening. She knew she was late, but couldn’t help it, having been caught in traffic halfway there. As she exited the car, she noticed there were a lot of cars, parked in various areas around the house. Erin knew that her friend, Fiona, and her husband, Harold, were comfortably well off and their home showed it. The house itself sprawled out over a couple of thousand feet. From the looks of it, there had to be at least a couple of dozen people there already. She walked to the door and knocked hearing the music and voices from inside. The door swung open and there was Harold, dressed in brown slacks and a white shirt unbuttoned to his chest. Erin had always thought he was good looking, but the way he looked now, she could feel a wetness begin to form in her panties. Seeing her standing there, a smile spread across his face, and the wetness exploding, soaking her underwear.

“Erin,” he exclaimed, reaching out to grab her arm and pull her inside, “so glad that you could make it.” He let go of her arm only to pull her into a tight hug. Leaving one arm draped around her, Harold guided her into the living room. She looked around and saw no one else she recognized. Just as she was about to comment on this fact, she caught sight of Fiona, standing off the to side with a group of women. Evidently, Harold saw her also, because he steered her that direction. He spoke with a bright note in his voice. “Look who’s here, darling,” with a gentle nudge forward, he let go with his arm and almost immediately Fiona’s were around her. As Fiona kissed her warmly on each cheek, Erin took a whiff of her perfume and her knees went a little weak. She had always thought that Fiona was attractive, but just like her husband tonight, she was dazzling. She was dressed in a shorter than knee length dark blue dress that dipped daringly in the front to expose most of her creamy breasts. There was a slit up the side that showed her thigh off to a wonderful degree.

After the introductions were made all around, Erin began to feel more comfortable and talked to the people around her. At some point in the evening, she felt a drink being pressed into her hand, and sampled it, tasting the alcohol mixed with cola. After the conversation had gone on for a while, Harold came back over and whispered in Fiona’s ear. Listening carefully, she nodded in agreement and moved with him to the center of the room. With on hand on his wife’s elbow, he raised his voice to get everyone’s attention. Everyone quieted drown and Erin wondered what was going on. She didn’t have to wait long to find out.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he spoke with an authoritative voice, “for those who have been to one of our gatherings before, we welcome you back. And for those who are hear for the first time,” he fixed his eyes on Erin and she felt the dampness between her legs return, “we hope that you enjoy yourselves, as much as we’ll enjoy having you.” Erin couldn’t tell, but thought that there was an odd inflection on those last few words. With a grand sweep of his arm, he continued, “and now, to the part you’ve all been waiting for!” Spontaneous applause broke out at the announcement and Fiona had to wait for several beats before she could continue where Harold had left off.

“Many of you know how this goes, but just as a refresher,” she moved over to a large bowl set along one wall, “everyone is going to come and get a poker chip from the bowl and whatever color you get, that’s the room that you’ll go to.” She reached in and drew a green chip, flourishing for the entire room to see, “so, who’s next?” Quickly, everyone lined up and began to draw their chips, an excited buzz in the air. From what Erin could tell, there were 5 colors of chips, red, blue, green, white, and black. When it came to her turn, she reached in and drew out a blue chip. She felt a slight pang of disappointment that she didn’t have the same color as Fiona, but her spirits brightened when she saw Harold was holding a blue chip also.

Slowly, the crowd began to disperse into the different rooms, Erin took her chip and followed behind Harold as he walked into a room marked by a blue piece of construction paper taped to the door. Inside, there was a poker table table set up in the center with chairs all around. Along the walls, there were couches sitting at the very edge of the light cast by the single light bulb hung over the table. Looking around the table, she saw there were already 4 people seated, 2 men and 2 women. There were only two chairs left, on opposite sides of the table. Looking closer at the table, she realized something was missing and, just as Harold was about to sit, she snagged his arm and pulled him to the side.

“Explain something to me, what exactly is going on here?” she whispered just loud enough for his ears alone, “I mean, I can tell that we’re going to be playing poker, but all I see are a deck of cards. There aren’t any chips. And why the separate rooms?” Confusion tinged her voice as she tried to figure it all out. Harold’s face took on a sly smile as he trailed a finger down her cheek and replied.

“Well, we are playing poker, you’re right about that,” he leaned in, whispering, “but we’re not playing for chips, we’re playing for something else.” Seeing the look of puzzlement on her face, he explained, “we’re playing for each other’s clothes.” The shock set in as what he said registered. “That’s right, it’s strip poker.” Mixed emotions swelled within her as she considered his words and looked at the other people seated at the table, who obviously already knew what was going on. On the one hand, there was the shock and revulsion that they expected her to just blithely go along with the flow. On the other hand, however, everyone in the room was highly attractive. Then the thought of being able to see Harold naked came to mind, and a fresh flow of juices began again. He leaned in a little bit further, close enough to brush her ear with his lips and for her to smell his cologne, speaking one more time, “you know, I’ve always wondered what you look like under your clothes, and I can see from the look in your eyes, you wondered the same thing about me.” He had her there, she couldn’t deny it. Not really sure if it ws the thought of seeing him nude, or the alcohol in her system, but without saying a word, she stepped around him and grabbed one of the two remaining chairs.

Harold moved around to the other side of the table and took the last chair for himself, picking up the deck of cards. He shuffled the deck and announced the game was 5 card draw. Erin couldn’t help but grin a little, thinking to herself that it couldn’t be easier. After all, she had been playing poker for years with her brothers, and even strip poker a time or two. Though, she had to admit, one on one and never in a group. She brought herself back to the moment in time to hear Harold also specify one of the major rules of the evening. If a person folded three time in a row, they forfeited an article of clothing. After making sure that everyone understood the rules, the cards were dealt and the game began.

After 20 minutes of play, and a couple of bad beats, Erin found herself without shoes and no blouse, only her bra. The men were fairing slightly better than the women, as they had lost their shirts, literally. Seeing them sitting there, she could readily admit that they were almost as good looking as Harold. But for her, the sight of his chest made her mouth go dry. The other women weren’t doing so well, one was down to her bra and panties, and the other one was topless, her nipples hardened pearls. Everytime she looked over, Erin caught herself wondering what it would be like to suck on them. Her thighs rubbed together as she felt herself getting more and more excited.

A few more hands and she found herself facing a dilemma. She was holding a worthless hand, but had already folded the previous two. Knowing what it meant, and with a sigh of resignation, she threw her hand into the center of the table. She stood and unzipped her skirt, shimmying it over her hips and to the floor. The very next hand she took one of the guys pants and the panties of the woman to her right. As she collected her winnings, she could see that the woman was a true redhead, her pubic area being trimmed nicely and the lips completely smooth. All sorts of thoughts danced in Erin’s head about running her fingers over them to see if they were as soft as they looked. She began to wonder what was in that drink to having her thinking such things. Before she could really think about it, the next hand was dealt.

Soon, she found herself down to her panties, her bra securely in Harold’s possession. Both of the other women were completely naked and so was one of the gentlemen. Harold had his boxers still and the front was tented out from his erection. Erin caught him several times staring at her breasts and squirmed in her seat from being so excited. When she and one of the women, the blond this time, lost to one of the guys, she pushed her chair back and stood up. All the eyes in the room were on her as she hooked the sides of her underwear with her thumbs. Without thinking about it, she turned around and bent over, showing them her ass as she peeled the panties over her hips and legs. A peculiar sense of freedom swept over her as she turned to face the room, naked and loving it. She could feel her wet slickness as she sat again, and her fingers itched to bury themselves in her nether regions, but she resisted the urge.

The blond, who by this time Erin had learned her name was Donna, having lost and no clothes to sacrifice, was now subject to a dare by the winner, Nelson. He looked around and his eyes settled on Erin, who was sitting with arousal painted on her face. He turned to Donna with a simple dare, to kiss Erin. When she leaned forward to give Erin a peck on the mouth, however, Nelson cleared his throat and told her he meant the other lips. Erin gulped but Donna didn’t hesitate. She simply dropped to her knees and parted Erin’s thighs. The cool air hit her hot center and she sucked in a breath as Donna’s mouth came down on her. Erin got the feeling that Donna had done this before as she felt a a tongue fishing it’s way over her lips and landing on her button. After that, all thought ceased to as the young blond dined on her. Her excitement had grown to such an intensity before Donna had even started, so it took only moments before her climax surged over her. She took hold of the the blond head head between her thighs and gave a scream of delight as she bucked against the tongue driving her higher. As soon as the first orgasm began to taper off, she looked around and saw the other people in the room shedding what was left of their clothing. Without saying anything, she beckoned Harold over, admiring the way his hard-on bounced and swayed before him.

When he came to stand beside her, she reached out and guided his member to her waiting mouth. With Donna still kneeling before her, she took Harold into her mouth, her tongue swirling around the head. A deep moan made it’s way from him as she moved her head forward to inhale his entire length. Erin waited for a moment to allow her tonsils to relax, and Donna used that opportunity to increase her oral ministrations. The pleasure was mind numbing as she bobbed her head back and forth on Harold, while Donna worked her magic down below. Soon, Erin was thrust over the edge again and cried out around the rod filling her mouth. With one hand on Donna’s head, and the other on Harold’s hip, she came with a strength she hadn’t known could exist. Harold pulled out and bent to start licking at her nipples while she cried out in orgasm after orgasm. Finally, Donna lifted her head and let Erin come down. Leaving Erin to bask in the afterglow, she made her way over to the others and joined them on one of the couches along the wall.

Harold waited just a few moments before taking Erin’s hand and pulling her to her feet. Her head swam as he led her out to the door and down the hall, both still nude. She could see in the different rooms at the piles of bodies writhing against one another. The moans, cries, and screams of sheer pleasure filled her ears and her body responded. At the end of the hallway, he stopped beside an open door marked with green construstion paper. Her frazzled brain puzzled over why this room had such an importance to her, but she knew it did. Suddenly, the image of Fiona holding a green poker chip came to mind, and she knew that was the reason. She stepped into the room, followed by Harold, and was greeted by the sight of Fiona laying naked on her back and a slim woman with short brown hair sitting on her face. The brunette was obviously enjoying herself, as the screams tearing from her throat showed.

Erin just stared at Fiona’s beautiful body, the perky tits, her legs spread to show her completely shaved mound, the lips puffed out with desire. Letting herself go with the flow, she dropped to her hands and knees before Fiona’s open legs. She ran her fingers over the silky smooth flesh of the mound before her. Fiona stopped for a moment to look down and see Erin looking back up at her. With a smile on her face, she went back to eating the brunette out, and Erin dropped her head in between Fiona’s thighs. She kissed and licked all along the puffy lips before sliding her tongue in between them to taste another woman for the first, and the taste was something she liked. She wormed her way up to Fiona’s clit and felt her jump slightly at the contact. She delicately played with the button, making Fiona writhe even as the brunette was crying out that she was coming again. From the corner of her eye, Erin could see a young, blond man step up to the brunette and offer his rock hard shaft to her. She eagerly took it as Fiona lapped away at her and Erin ate Fiona.

Erin felt a pair of hands caressing her hips and ass. Looking around for second, she saw Harold’s smiling face behind her and wiggled her hips a little for his benefit. Going back to Fiona’s love button, she sucked it between her lips even as she felt the head of his erection pressing against her mound. He rubbed it up and down several times before slowly inserting it, a little bit by a little bit. Soon, he was buried deep within her as she continued to tongue his wife. Drawing back slightly, he drove himself home again, making her tongue press harder against Fiona’s clit. Fiona moaned and clutched at the brunette’s hips even as the brunette gripped the blond man’s hips and sucked him as if her life depended on it. Harold began to stroke in and out and Erin fell into the rhythm with him, using it time her own oral efforts, she almost laughed at one point when the image of one of those office thingys with the ball bearings bouncing off one another came to mind, but then Harold reached under her and covered her clit with the tip of one finger, and all thought instantly left her head. She concentrated the best she could on making Fiona climax even as her own loomed on the horizon.

Suddenly, the blond man being sucked by the brunette pulled out and she grabbed his shaft, stroking. He moaned out loud and white strands flew from his erection, landing on the brunette’s face and breasts. This began a chain reaction, as she cried out and started to shake of Fiona’s face. Fiona’s legs tightened around Erin’s head and her hips pumped up repeatedly. Knowing that she giving Fiona such a strong orgasm, and having Harold play with her clit while continuing to pump in and out, proved to be too much and the orgasm she’d been desperately trying to hold back erupted. Wave after wave crashed over her, even as she felt him pull out of her, and his hot load land on her ass cheeks. Her head spun as she held onto Fiona’s hips like a life preserver. The blond and brunette fell away from them, landing on one of the couches, and Harold came down to lay beside his wife. Fiona reached down and pulled Erin up to lay between them, their sweat slicked skin sliding sensually together. Erin kissed Fiona, a full, passionate kiss, before speaking to them both.

“You were right,” she said with what little strength she had, “I’m having a great time.” All three of them laughed as she felt their hands stroke along her skin with light touches. She knew at that moment, she would definitely be coming here more often. She felt Harold’s now sticky shaft, pressed against her hip, begin to grow again and realized, much to her own surprise, that she was ready to go again. With that, she threw herself into the fray again. By morning, she would be exhausted, but well satisfied, and never looking at poker the same way again.

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