Psycho Sessions

“Just lie down on the couch and relax, Marcia,” Dr. Fagen said easily, “this is just our first session to gether so we’ll use it basicly to get to know one and other and create a trust between us, how does that sound to you!?!” “Uh, pretty good, doctor,” she replied while getting comfortable on the cool leather sofa that dominated the expanisive office of Dr. Harold Fagen, the resident psychotherapist at County General Hospital who specializes in sexual dysfunction! “Dr. Katzman sent over your file,” Harold Fagen said candidly, “and after going over it carefully, I concluded just as he did, that you have absolutely nothing wrong with you physically, and that any problem that you may be having is most likely the result of some mental trauma!” “I realize that,” Marcia replied softly, “but what is it that’s keeping me from having a sexaul climax, doctor, I’m only twenty five years old and still haven’t experienced even one orgasm in my entire life!?!” “Well,” the doctor replied gently, “that is what we are here to find out!”

“It says on your chart that you’re not married,” Dr. Fagen asked, “is that still the case!?!” “Of course it is,” Marcia replied sadly, “who’d ever want a cold fish like me for a wife!?!” “Why do you call yourself a cold fish,” the doctor asked, “the inability of achieving sexual gratification for yourself does not in and of itself preclude your partner from having a very satisfying sexual experience for himself, and thusly he would more than likely consider you to be at the least an adequate sexual partner!” “Oh, I suppose so,” Marcia replied, “but from what I’ve heard, a man gets a lot of pleasure out bringing his partners to climax, and depriving him of this satisfaction would probably make him at least less than happy with the relationship!” “Of course that’s true up to a point,” the doctor added, “but the driving force for a man in a relationship with a woman is to procreate, and if she has or doesn’t have a climax is in many cases immaterial!” “Well maybe to him it is,” Marica retorted, “but it certainly is to me!”

“Okay then,” Dr. Fagen replied, “let’s start at the beginning, when you’re with a man, do you become sexually aroused!?!” “Oh yes,” she gushed, “when ever I’m in the company of a man I can certainly feel the desire building inside of me!” “Exactly what do you feel,” he asked softly?!? “You mean specifically,” she asked a little nervously?!? “Specifcially,” he replied, “what do you feel or sense!?!” “Well,” she began slowly, “of course my vagina immediately gets very wet and my breasts seem to puff up and tingle in anticipation of being sucked on!” “Do you like getting your nipples sucked on,” he asked!?! “Mmmm, yes,” she replied, “very much, I also like getting them nipped a little bit!” “That’s a good healthy sign,” he replied, “but getting back to your vagina, when you get wet is it just a little dampness or are you really drenched!?!” “Most of the time I’m completely sopping wet,” she declared, “and usually my panties are soaked right along my crack!” “What turns you on about a man, Marcia,” he asked, “I mean what physical attributes do you appreciate in a man!?!” “Boy you really get personal don’t you, doctor,” she replied a little red faced!?! “I have to, Marcia,” he responded quickly, “now please, answer the question!”

“First off,” she opined, “I like a man who’s tall, I’m five nine in flats, so I want a man I don’t have to look down on to talk to, and I like dark curley hair, no baldies for me!” Dr. Fagen chuckled a little under his breath at her little aside, but then steering her back to the topic at hand asked, “What else, there must be more than just height and hair that gets you going, what about build!?!” “Well uh, I guess I like my men to be on the muscular side,” she replied, “but not like a body builder but more like a swimmer’s body, you know, long and lean!” “What about body hair,” he asked!?! “Love it,” she replied giggling, “up to a point, but not like a gorilla!” “And finally we get down to the big question,” he said softly, “what about genital size, do you have a preference there, too!?!” “Her face blaze red imstantly, and in a almost whispered voice she replied, “I-I guess I’d have to say that I like penises on the larger side nice with tight balls!” “Circumcised,” he asked!?! “Oh yes,” she replied quickly, “I like to be able to see the head even when its soft, and I like it better that way for oral sex, too!?!”

Dr. Fagen sat there for a few minutes digesting everything that Marcia had told him before asking, “Have you ever had a man that fit the mold you’ve just described to me!?!” “Not really,” she said sadly, “but I’m still looking!” “What if we found a man that fit everyone of your categories,” the doctor opined, “save one, and let’s say that he was bald, could you be happy with a man like that!?!” “I-I don’t know,” she mumbled, “I guess I’ve never thought about it that way!” “I know that we’re early in our treatment,” he went on, “but already I believe I have at least half a theory!” “Really,” she asked excitedly, “and what is it!” “How does unrealistic expectations grab you,” he replied, “you’ve described your prince charming but in reality you might never meet him, and if you did, do you think you could live up to the high expectations you’d surely believe he had for you!?!” “I-I don’t know,” she said slowly, “I’ve never thought about it that way!”

“Okay,” he said softly, “let’s get back to your inability to climax, do you ever masturbate!?!” “Uh, not much,” she answered, “it really doesn’t seem to do much good!” “Well, when you do,” he asked, “is it at all plasureable even though you don’t climax!?!” “Yeah, sure it is,”she replied, “but that’s hardly the point is it!?!” “Let’s think about that for a moment,” he replied gently, do you ever watch televison for pure enjoyment, such as a movie or concert!?!” “Of course I do,” she replied, “everyone does!?!” “Exactly,” he intoned, “but you say that there’s no point to masturbation even if it feels good to you, and answer me this, what was more enjoyable to you, that movie on TV or the feeling in your vagina when you were sexually aroused!?!” For a moment she didn’t answer him, but after a little contemplation, she replied slowly, “Well I guess it’s more pleasureable when I masturbate, but I’m not sure that I get your point!” “My point is that while masturbation is more enjoyable than watching a TV program,” he explained, “but you’d still opt for the TV show just because your masturbation session wasn’t quite what you’d hope it would be!”

“Are you saying that I should masturbate more,” she asked!?! “Not at all,” he replied gently, “I’m just saying that maybe you could start facing your problem by yourself and not relying on a fanciful idol that probably only exists in your mind!” “But I’ve tried masturbating and it just doesn’t happen for me,” she fairly whined! “Mmmmmm, feeling sorry for ourself are we,” he gently chided her!?! “I guess I am,” she said sadly, “I’m just so darned tired of not getting it when everyone around me is!” “I’m sure that it’s very frustrating for you, Marcia,” he said quietly, “but have you ever thought that maybe it’s your technique that’s wrong!?!” “Good grief,” she replied, “are you trying to tell me I don’t even know how to beat off!?!” “Not really,” he chuckled, “but you might just need a little push in the right direction!” “Well, maybe,” she replied doubtfully, “but how are you gonna do that!?!”

“Before we get to that,” he opined, “what do you think about when you do masturbate, is it that perfect male you have in your mind, or something else!?!” “Ahem, I guess I think about you know, the male genitalia,” she replied red faced!?! “That’s perfectly normal,” he answered gently, “in fact I’d wager a guess that ninety five percent of all women think about exactly that, and the other five are liars,” he added with a laugh, “but my next question is very important, so answer me truthfully!” “Okay,” she replied, “ask away!” “Have you ever masturbated in front of a man and him in front of you,” he asked softly!?! “No,” she quicly replied, “never, I’d be much too embarrassed to try something like that!” “Even if it meant having nice hard orgasms for the first time,” he asked her forcefully, “and I mean real earth shaking climaxes!?! “After thinking about it for a moment, she nodded her head and answered, “I’m ready for anything, let’s do it!”

“Do I really have to take off all of my clothing,” she asked incredulously, “ya see lately I’ve put on a little weight and I’m not ot sure about…………….” “Take it all off,” he interrupted, “and let’s be quick about it, we want to see if we can free all of the pent up emotions trapped deep inside of you!” After standing up and rolling her eyes, Marica turned away from Dr. Fagen and removed every last stitch of her clothing, and then in a small voice offered, “I’m so embarrassed, I don’t think I can even face you!” “Well if you turn around you’ll find out that I’m in the same boat as you,” he replied gently! “Y-you mean you’re naked too,” she stammered nervously!?! “See for yourself,” he replied, “now lie back down on the couch and let’s get started!”

“You have a very voluptuous body,” the doctor commented while moving his chair into a spot where both of them were facing directly at each other, “I’ve always been partial to red hair and large breasts!” “Y-you’e just saying that,” she replied red faced as she noticed him looking at her bushy red haired vagina, “how can I be sure that you’re not just saying that!?!” “Well,” he opined, “this might be one way of telling,” as he shifted around, giving her a perfect view of his huge erection, “and believe me, it’s just like George Washington, it cannot tell a lie!” Marcia couldn’t help but break out laughing at Dr. Fagen’s little joke, and the in a soft voice replied, “You can’t tell it from over there, but mine feels the same as yours!” “That’s good, Marcia,” he replied softly, “now tell me the truth, what would you like to watch me do!?!” As her hand automatically fell into her crotch, Marcia stared at the doctor’s erection, and in a soft hoarse voice begged, “Please, jerk it for me, fist your big fat cock in your hand!”

“You mean like this,” he asked softly as his hand slowly moved up and down his long thick shaft!?! “Oh yes,” she gasped, “j-just like that, only faster, do it faster for me!” “But if I do that and stare at your pretty body I’ll shoot it way to quickly,” he replied gently, “you don’t want me to cum already do you!?!” “I-I don’t know,” she moaned while staring at his hand and pecker, “I want you to shoot it all over yourself, really have a big one!” “I could do that,” he said almost in a whisper, “but want you to cum right along with me, you want to cum don’t you, Marcia!?!” “Oh yes,” she gasped as her finger flew over her distended clit, “b-but I don’t think that I can!” “Of course you can,” Dr, Fagen replied evenly, “but sometimes it just takes a little extra push to get a person over the hump, Marcia, would like me to give you that little extra push!?!” “God yes,” she groaned, “y-your driving me crazy, tell what you’re going to do to me!” “Well, it’s not much really,” he replied, “not really much at all!”

Marica’s eyes were practically glazed over from all of the excitement that was coursing through her veins, so at first she didn’t even notice when Dr. Fagen stood came over and stood directly over her with his big dick standing menacingly at attention just a foot or so from her large jiggling breasts! “Now Marcia,” he asked softly, “do you want to know what I’m going to do to help you cum!?!” With a little line of drool running out of the corner of her mouth, Marcia nodded her head yes, and as her finger literally flew over the head of her hard little clit, Dr. Fagen began whipping his hand up and down his dick with almost frightening speed until just before he was about to shoot he groaned, “I-I’m gonna shoot it all over your big fucking tits, and when it does, you’re gonna cum right along with me, do you got it!?!” Her face was now contorted in a mask of pure elation as she nodded her head in assent, while just seconds later, his big pecker spasmed hard several times before spewing load after load of hot burning jism all over Marica’s heaving chest!” This was the moment of truth, and while Dr. Fagen was in the midst of a stunning orgasm of his own, his clinical training still allowed him to observe with some degree of attachment Marica’s reaction to his cumming on her tits, and the results were to say the least specatular, as her entire belly and crotch convulsed at least ten times and a series of the most brutal orgasms he had ever seen a woman experience, devastate her over heated cunt!

For the next five minutes she was unable to speak as she relished the feeling of contentment she had so long desired and finally attained! When she finally opened her eyes, a small “cat that ate the canary” smile crept slowly over her face and she offered soflty, “I’ll never choose TV over masturbation ever again, and you’ve got my word on it!”