Party Fun

Well this is what I wanted. Emma thought to herself as she felt Buzz’s hand slide up under her top. It was the reason she had come to the party to get a fuck and specifically to fuck Buzz. It was the reason she’d put on the smallest tightest skirt she had and the little strapless top that showed off her navel. It was why she’d spent two hours on her long red hair getting it just right and working on her make up to accentuate her deep blue eyes and firm cheek bones. This was why she had decided not to wear a bra and to put on a small thong. She’d even fished out her one pair of high-heeled shoes so that her calf and thigh muscles would be made more visible to all.

Before she even arrived at the party she knew all her work had paid off. She had felt the eyes of the two guys walking past. Seen the look the taxi driver gave her as she got into his car. Then when she reached the party she had felt the eyes of every guy there look at her. Her skin virtually burned as they all undressed her with their eyes. And what was under the very small amount of clothing was worth undressing. She was above average height slim and beautiful. Her red hair was styled so a few strands hung down over her shoulder. The top was tight and she had left the top two buttons undone so her cleavage could be seen. Not that she was a big girl but they were big enough to be noticed and for her to show off. Her blue eyes shone out from a pretty face with a slim neck and soft shoulders. The skirt barely came down her firm shaped thighs and the shoes improved the definition of her calf muscles immensely. At 21 she was in her prime and knew it.

So it had been frustrating that Buzz had not yet noticed her. Three months, since the semester started at her university, she had been chasing him. Now with the summer holidays approaching fast she was running out of time. Oh not that she’d been with out sex, Emma knew she could get sex easily enough. But she wanted Buzz; wanted him badly. He was in the university rugby team and was a hunk in every way. The girls all wanted him and he knew it. But he was very picky often not going with any girl at the many parties he went to.

So much so that she’d nearly not gone to this party. But her friend had persuaded here. It was after the local derby with the cities other university team. If they won Buzz would be in a good mood. So she had turned up, and they had won so Buzz was in a great mood. Emma had moved towards him and to her total surprise he actually spoke to her first. He even had known who she was. They had started to chat, then to flirt as always happens once the alcohol started to flow. She could not remember how they got into the garden but some how they had. Then he kissed her, a hard kiss his lips pressed to hers. She felt his tongue pushing at her lips and willingly opened her mouth to it letting him wrap his tongue around hers.

He had pulled her tight against him; she could feel how strong he was. The muscles of his arms wrapped around her. His hands running down her back and over her stomach. Then they slid up towards her top lifting the hem and moving higher. She waited breathing hard knowing what his hands were about to find. They moved up over her breast and she heard his soft hiss of surprise. His fingers kneed the firm flesh of her breasts as he gave a soft whistle.

“Well, well Miss Delaney making it easy are you?” She gave a soft nervous giggle.

“Just couldn’t find a bra that went with the top.” She answered nonchalantly. He smiled and kissed her hard pushing his hands into her breasts harder. She felt the back fence behind her as he pushed her back against it. He lent down to kiss her neck, Emma hissed softly at the sensation. His one hand moved down her stomach towards her tiny skirt.

“I wonder could you find anything to go with the skirt?” He whispered to her kissing her neck harder. Emma hissed again and responded by leaning back against the fence and lifting her one leg as an open invitation. He took the invitation running his fingers softly up her thigh towards her pussy. As his finger moved closer and closer to her pussy she felt her inside tighten in anticipation of their touch. Then after what seemed to her to have been ages his fingers brushed over the soft fabric of her thong. He laughed softly at finding her covered before rubbing a little harder pushing the fabric against her now hot flesh. Emma gave a soft sound from deep in her throat as his fingers pushed at her.

His fingers slide her thong aside with skilled ease and rubbed against her. Emma gasped softly at the touch and lent back against the fence loving the feel of his fingers. His hand moved up to grab the thong and he pulled down. Emma lowered her leg to let him slide the thong off her. He stood back up and kissed her hard pushing her back against the fence. His hands were suddenly all over her rubbing her breasts and legs. Emma realised that he wanted to fuck her there and then. And she also realised that she didn’t mind. She moved her one hand down to his trousers and rubbed it over the bulge that was his cock, feeling how hard and big it was and wanting it in her. Quickly she unzipped him and released his cock. He pushed at her legs to part them. Emma swung them up wrapping them around him as she almost sat on the top of the fence. His cock pushed at her probing at her flesh. Then with a deep thrust he was in her.

They both gasp as he slid in her. For a second neither moved both of them just enjoying the feel of cock in pussy. Then Buzz started to thrust in and out, slow deep movements that pushed his cock far into her body. Emma clung to him groaning softly at the sensation. In and out his cock moved sending waves of soft pleasure through her. God, Emma thought, this was worth the wait, as her body reacted to the size of his cock. It seemed to fill her totally as it pushed into her body. She wanted him as deep as he could go and he seemed willing to push as far in as possible.

Suddenly he lifted her up and twisted round then lowered her down to the ground on her back. Somehow he managed it without coming out of her. She felt his hands tearing at her top, pulling the buttons open and then ripping the top off her and throwing it away. Both hands cupped her breasts as he began to thrust in to her again only harder than before. Emma gasped as his fingers probed her flesh and rubbed over her erect sensitive nipples. His cock plunged into her open pussy sending shivers through her body. His lips were kissing her face and neck seeming to be everywhere. Emma rocked and writhed with pleasure pushing up at him as he thrust into her. Her legs were still wrapped around him holding him tight as he fucked her. He was hissing and grunting as he slid in and out of her. Emma gasped and squealed softly as she felt her body reacting to his invading cock. If he could hold on for just a bit longer then the orgasm was going to be so amazing.

And hold on he did, thrusting hard into her all the time probing her firm breasts with his fingers. Emma felt her orgasm build inside her then it exploded in her. The feel of his cock in her pussy and the touch of his fingers on her nipples made her whole body seem on fire. Passion flooded through her and she bit her lip to stifle a high-pitched scream. Her nails dragged down his shoulders, as her body seemed to jerk like a puppet. Emma gasped rapidly as the orgasm ran its course in her. Then gave a sudden squeal as Buzz came. His cum pumping into her body so soon after her orgasm nearly tipped her into a second. His fingers dug into her breasts as he came hissing deeply. Then he lay on her for a few seconds before sliding off her.

“God you one amazing fuck!” He whispered to her. Emma could only smile in response as he stood up. Then behind him she saw people. Four guys stood looking at them. Emma blushed realising that they had just watched the two of them as they fucked. Buzz turned round and jumped seeing their audience. He twisted back round and quickly did up his trousers. Emma lay still she could feel their eyes on her, the heat of their gaze as the scanned her nearly naked body. She laid on the grass only her skirt still on her and that was pushed up round her waist. The looks in their eyes told her that they wanted her, they all wanted to fuck her like Buzz just had. She recognised three of them as Buzz’s teammates from the rugby team. A shiver of sudden thrill ran through her. What if she did nothing? Could she or would she let them all fuck her? There was no menace in their eyes if she stood up they would just let her she knew. But the more she thought about it the more she didn’t want to get up.

No one moved the four of them stared at her, Emma looked back almost challenging them. Finally she had to move, her one leg was starting to cramp slightly so she pulled it up so the knee was in the air. As if it was a signal the nearest guy suddenly moved. He took the two steps it needed to get to her and dropped to his knees between her legs rapidly undoing his trousers. Emma saw his hard cock spring out as he sank onto her. Then she felt it pushing at her pussy. He slid into her gently making Emma gasp as she felt him opening her body. He kissed her hard then lent down to suck on her breasts as he started to fuck her. He thrust in and out pushing his cock deep into her. It did not feel as thick as Buzz’s but was longer. She felt it almost hitting the top of her pussy as he slid in and out of her. Her body reacted again making her gasp softly and a soft grunt seemed to escape from her throat as he sucked hard on her nipples. He fucked her hard, with less ardour than Buzz but still full of lust and want. She felt his cock sliding in and out deep inside her. His breathing was shallow and fast and Emma could feel how close he was too cumming. She squeezed her pelvic muscles together tightening the grip on him. It was enough with a sharp gasp he thrust right into her and shuddered as Emma felt his hot cum pump inside her.

He pulled out of her and slid back freeing her for the next guy. Emma looked over and to her shock saw there were more guys stood in the garden. The number had doubled now. And they all were watching her. She stifled a gasp as she realised just what she had started. Her mind reeled at the concept that she was going to let all these men have her. But already the next guy was moving towards her.

Emma guessed quickly that he was not experienced at sex from the hesitant way he move towards her and fumbled at his zip. Her guess was confirmed when he poked at her a few times trying to enter her. She took pity on him and reached down guiding his cock into her. As her finger wrapped around him she was shocked just how big he was. It surprised her that a guy with this big a cock had not had more practice at sex. He entered her and began to trust rapidly in and out, too rapidly Emma knew. She pulled his head down to her and whispered in his ear.

“Slow down, it’ll last longer and you’ll enjoy it more.” He looked at her for a second then slowed down his thrusts pushing in and out deep into her. Emma gasped at the feel of him. He was massive inside her and she was already so aroused it was not going to take long for him to make her cum. Each thrust stretched her wide open and made her gasp and groan at the sharp feeling he caused. It was obvious he was not going to last long but Emma wanted him to feel her cumming. It was ironic she thought to herself. Here she was getting gang fucked by these guys and she was trying to make this one’s experience special. Softly she fucked him back, pushing up at her. Her hands guided his mouth to her nipples and as soon as she felt his lips on them she felt her orgasm start to let go. Two thrust into her later and she was squealing as she came. In the middle of her orgasm she felt him cum hearing the soft groan filled with almost regret that he could not keep going. Emma kissed him hard before letting him stand up.

The next guy moved towards her. She recognised him from the rugby team, he was a bully and had been after her for most of the year. Well Emma thought this was the only way she would let him take her. He pushed her over onto her front and pulled her back towards him. Then rammed his cock in to her hard. Emma grunted at the impact of his thighs on her legs as he began to fuck her. She knew he did not care about her; he was using her for his own pleasure. But she still felt his hard cock as it rammed in to her. The roughness of his thrusts made her grunt and groan but the feel of his cock inside her filled her with deep pleasure. Emma felt her body building towards another orgasm, but this one she fought not wanting him to have the pleasure of her cumming on him. She clenched her pelvic muscles tight squeezing her pussy around his cock and pushing back onto him. Using every skill she knew to make him cum. And almost as if he was oblivious to how aroused she was he did cum. Ramming in deep to empty his sperm in her before releasing her and moving away.

He was replaced so quickly that Emma did not have chance to move. She was grabbed while still on her knees and a cock slid into her again. A hand pulled at her hair forcing her to arch her back and a second hand ran round to cup and squeeze her breast. Emma gasped hard as she was pulled back onto the cock in her. It took a few thrusts for her to release her orgasm and cum with a deep squeal of pleasure. The man inside her grunted and gasped as he fucked her. Each thrust driving his cock right up inside her. His hands on her hair and breast pulled her back at him seeming to want to plunge her onto his hard cock. Emma let him loving the feel of him using her. He did not seem to want her to see him and she was willing to let him stay anonymous. They both got what they wanted; hard fast sex. His thrusts increased in power, as he got closer to cumming. Emma grunted hard at the force of each thrust loving the sensation inside her. Then he was cumming she felt her pussy filling more with cum. She marvelled at just how much she was taking in her. Surely she could not keep having cum without some leaking.

Emma collapsed as he let her go rolling onto her front breathing hard. The next man was approaching her and she smiled reaching for him her legs open to him. He sank onto her and entered her pushing in and out fast and hard. Emma lifted her legs up increasing the angle that he pushed into her. She gasped and moaned softly at each thrust as he drove deep in her. Looking over she saw guys stood watching waiting for her. The idea that they all wanted her was arousing her more that she did not care how many she took.

The man in her fucked her hard for several minutes before finally cumming into her. He was replaced and Emma let the next guy have her, then the next. She stopped counting how many there were, or how many she let have her. She let them fuck her on her back or on her knees. They used her and she used them. Orgasm followed orgasm until she was shaking with the effects of so many. Cocks filled her pussy sliding in and out deep hard inside her. Cum pumped into her so much that is leaked out down her thighs mixed with her own juices. She fucked them as much as they fuck her. Letting them ride her and fucking them back push up at them or back at them so they totally filled her.

One guy even went as far as to fuck her ass. Emma gasped at first but was so aroused and so relaxed that soon she was on the verge of cumming. The sharp sensation of his cock in her ass made the orgasm when it came seem harder and sharper than normal. And the sensation of his cum pumping into her ass had made her shiver with pleasure. One knew one guy had had her ride him. She sat willingly on his cock moving up and down on him dropping as far as she could to feel him totally in her. His hands had been on her breasts and he had watched as she had fingered her clit as she rode him. Making herself cum with her finger before letting him cum in her like all the others.

Then suddenly it stopped. No one entered her; there was no one to fuck her. Emma looked up to see the garden empty she had had them all. Her body shuddered with the effects of the orgasms she had experienced. Emma lay on the grass breathing hard now it was over she was totally fucked out. It took her a few minutes before she could even move. And when she did it was with a stifled gasp at just how sore her body was. She tried to think just how many men she had let fuck her but could not. So she gave up as she clambered to her feet and went in search of her clothes. After all she still had to get home and tomorrow night there was another party. She wondered how many men there would be there for her and smiled at the thought.

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