Mamas Boy

For the past three years I have attended a small college in North Carolina.

After my second year I was recruited to join a frat house. Now up until then I had been living with my parents. And so for the first time ever I moved out of my parent’s home. However my mother constantly embarrassed me. Every day she would call the frat house to make sure I was all right. And at least once a week she would show up unannounced and drop off food or something silly like that.

After the first year the entire fraternity started calling me mama’s boy, instead of Brian, which is my name. I disliked this new nickname but I got used to it. But the thing that made me uncomfortable was the fact that whenever my mom came over several of the guys would hit on her. My mother is only 39, and for a 39-year-old she still has a body. She is about 5’6″ and weighs around 129 pounds. But the one thing that makes her especially sexy is her red hair. She has long red hair. Her hair is unbelievably sexy. My sister is just eighteen now and petite and cute, but not the sex bomb that my mom clearly is!

Well every time she came over there was some guy making small passes at her. Now one night while I was out on a date I got a call from some of the guys. They told me that my mother and my sister had stopped by at the frat house and mom wanted to make sure I was all right. I told them to tell her yes and then I hung up. About an hour later I had struck out with my date and was returning home. When I got to the frat house my mothers Mustang was still in front. “I can’t believe she waited for me, god damn.” Was all I could think.

I opened the door and went up to my room to change. When I was slipping into a pair of sweat pants I heard some cheering from down stairs. I went to the top of the stairway and looked into the living room. I saw three guys. Beck, my best friend, Jason, and Bill. I walked down stairs and peeked around the corner. Beck was sitting in the lounge chair and the other two were sitting on the sofa. Then I looked a little closer and saw, to my amazement, my mother dancing in the corner. This wasn’t friendly dancing this was “I’m going to fuck your brains out” dancing. I couldn’t see whom she was dancing with but she swaying her hips into his crotch and grabbing his ass. When she turned her back to me I saw it was Allen, AKA Skinny. We called him that because his last girl friends and him got into a fight and her told her fuck you. Now she then brought up the subject of how skinny his cock was. We took her word for it.

Allen was massaging my mother’s ass with both his hands. I was about two seconds from running out there and kicking their asses when Beck whistled.

My mom stopped dancing with Allen and walked over to Beck. I could see a bulge in Beck’s pants. She put her hand on his crotch and then began to give him a lap dance. She straddled him and rubbed her crotch against his.

Beck grabbed the back of her head and whispered something in her ear.

My mother dropped to her knees and unbuttoned his pants. She pulled his cock out and began to lick the head. After about ten seconds she deep throated his 8-inch cock. The entire thing disappeared in her mouth. The others were now cheering as loud as possible. Jason got up off the sofa and walked behind my mom. He lifted her skirt up and ripped off her panties, exposing her beautifully round ass. Mom kept sucking on Beck’s prick while Jason squeezed her ass. He quickly pulled down his pants and rammed his dick into my mother’s pussy. I watched for a then I noticed something else.

It hadn’t even occurred to me but my sister was supposedly here also. I looked around and couldn’t find her. My mom stopped sucking off Beck and started to scream. She pulled him out of her pussy and pushed him to the floor. She then straddled him and began to bounce furiously on his cock.

She began to yell, ” Yes, fuck me. Come on, baby I’m going to cum.

OHHHHHHHHH!” She then collapsed on him and I realized that Jason had just blown a load inside my mother. Beck pulled my mom off of Jason and threw her onto her belly. He then pulled her ass into the air and jammed his chubby into he now leaking pussy. I lowered my head and turned away.

But now I was in shock. I saw my sister Amanda standing behind me. She was standing on the very bottom step. I instantly noticed that she wasn’t wearing a skirt. She looked shocked to see me. I opened my mouth to speak but I couldn’t find the words. Then I saw two guys from upstairs coming out of one of the rooms.

I stepped into the kitchen to avoid being seen. I then realized that they had probably been fucking my little sister. I waited about a minute then stepped back out and saw my sister was now in the living room. She hadn’t said anything about me being there. She was slowly unbuttoning her blouse.

I didn’t see the two guys from upstairs I guessed they must have left after they finished with my sister. Allen was already underneath my little sister with his cock out. Meanwhile my mom was still being fucked by Beck. Amanda straddled Allen and guided his, very skinny cock into her wet shaved pussy.

Bill was now in front of my mother trying to get her to take his cock into her mouth.

Both my mom and my sister were now screaming. “OH, I’m going to cum. Jesus keep fucking me.” Allen picked Amanda up and laid her on her back. He now began to fuck her with quick fast thrusts. While he was doing Amanda laid her head back and looked at me. I barley had my head around the corner but she knew where to look. She closed her eyes and began to lick her teeth.

Now I had an erection. I never knew how hot my sister was.

I looked back at my mom and saw she was done with Beck and had Bill fucking her now. She was standing up and had her hands against the wall to brace herself. Bill was going slowly causing her to moan gently. He was whispering in her ears and groping her breasts. I was took a step back and thought to myself that I had better leave. But my sister Began shacking her head as she looked at me. I stooped in my tracks. Allen pulled his cock out of my sister and walked over to my mom. He pulled her wedding ring off and put in on his cock. Damn that thing was skinny. He then pushed away Bill and rammed his cock into her pussy. Bill immediately got between my sister legs. She pushed him away and instead took it in her mouth.

I watched my sister suck my friends cock off. It only a matter of minutes she pulled it out of her mouth and started to stroke it. He blew his load all over her hand. She quickly licked it up and got off the floor. I jumped into the kitchen again as my mother walked out the door. I heard her drive away. My sister then followed.

I walked outside because I didn’t want to look at those guys. I went to my car and saw Amanda sitting in it. She pulled me inside the car. She kissed me on the ear and whispered “Those guys said you are extremely good and getting women. How good are you at fucking them?” I stood up to walk away but she was already unzipping my fly. I looked into her large blue eyes and smiled.

She pulled my cock out and began to lick on the head. I wasn’t in the mood for this foreplay. I pushed her back and climbed on top of her. She still didn’t have her panties on but her skirt was back. I pushed her skirt up and rammed my cock into her drenching wet lips. She grabbed the back of my hair and screamed. At first I was pumping slow but I was to horny to go slow. I began to pound her lips hard. “Fuck me, Im cumming im cumming baby.” She whispered into my ear. I think she knew when I was about to finish because she stopped me. She once again began to kiss on my cock. I grabbed the back of her head and rammed my cock as far as it would go. At first I didn’t think she’d take it all in, but hey I guess my family is just gifted at sex. I was out quickly. In at least a minute I began to spurt cum into the back of her throat. only a little bit began to dripple down her lip. She took her mouth off my cock and wrapped her arms around my neck. I wasn’t expecting her to do this so when she did I fell backwards out of the open car door.

I laid on my back and tried to regain my sences. Mandy was between my legs right now. I looked at her and saw that her eyes were focused on me.

She slowly began to climb up my body till she was over my cock. She grabbed my now erect once more cock with her left hand. Then she guided it into her wet cunt. Slowly she bounced on my rod, the whole time screaming. “Oh god, fuck your little sister. Cum inside me. Oh, oh.” Now I was just laying on my back enjoying my ride. Mandy took her hands off my chest and began to fondle herself. I lifted my head off the road and watched as she tried her hardest not to scream. She rolled me over and pushed my head into her breasts. I rammed my cock into her again and again until I began to release sperm into my little sisters cunt. I stood up and gave her a hand. She turned around and reached to shut the car door but the moment she did I was ready again.

Before she turned around I was behind her squeezing her ass. I kissed up her neck as she began to moan again. I then pushed her against the car and in a swift moation I rammed my cock back into her wet cunt. At first she tried to reach back and grab my ass but she lost balance and had to brace herself against the car. I fucked her as hard as I could this time.

I rammed and rammed all the while she was moaning and screaming how her cunt needed to be fucked like this. I grabbed her arms away from the car and caused her to slam her face into the car window. I held each of her hands as I continued to fuck her. She was now begging me to cum in her. But before I could I was pulled away from her.

Me and Mandy both turned to look. We saw that my mother had come back.

Threw all of Mandy’s screaming we failed to hear her car approach. Mandy fell to the floor from exhaustion, while I stared at my mother. She looked like she was about to speak, but I thought what the hell. I reached out and grabbed my mother by the hand. She tried to stop me, apparently nailing her son was not supposed to be part of this night. She pulled her hand away but I desperately needed to blow the load which she had stopped me from spurting. She turned to go back to her car but I was quicker. I grabbed her by the waist and flung her against the car where I had been fucking Mandy. “Brain, no.” But before she finished what she was saying I was fondling her breasts. My mother had gotten dressed since the fuck fest inside. I reached to pull her panties off but they had been ripped off inside. I pulled her skirt off completely exposing her beautiful ass. “Brian, please I’m sorry I…” It was to late I rammed my cock into her pussy. She moaned when I entered her. I wasn’t taking my time on her. I began to thrust and thrust. I took my hands off her back and began to rub her ass. All the time her red hair was buried in my face. Suddenly she tried to run. She didn’t even get my cock out of her. She moved to the right and I grabbed her. We then fell to the floor and I resumed her fucking. Now instead of begging me to stop she was trying to keep her moans silent so I wouldn’t know she was enjoying this. I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. I forced my tongue in her mouth and found that she was kissing me back. She pushed my head away and said, “Who the hell told you to stop fucking my cunt?” She placed her hands on my ass as I began to pump her again. I was now licking her neck when I saw Mandy fingering herself beside me.

While my head was turned watching Mandy mom had become restless. She rolled me over and straddled me. I laid back once more while my mother rode my cock. Her red hair flung about every which way and that turned me on more. “Fuck you mother, baby. Make me cum like your friends did. Ahh, God don’t stop fucking me. Make mommy proud.” I was now erupting in her pussy. I didn’t realize I had so much cum inside my body. Shot after shot I poured cum into my mom’s snitch.

She dismounted me and laid flat on the ground. Mandy was now screaming with joy as her fingers went in and out of her cunt. Mom licked the remains of the cum of the tip of my cock and stood up. “Brian you show your sister the same courtesy you showed me. I will be inside.” Mom walked inside wearing only a ripped blouse. She went into the frat house and I heard loud cheers.

Mandy and I joined her about 5 minutes later.

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