Lessons In Dominance part 1

“This is your fifth or sixth date with Peter, isn’t it dear,” Mirnada Dayne asked her daughter, Naomi!?! “The seventh,” Namoi replied proudly, “and I think he really likes me mom!” “I’m sure he does, dear,” she replied gently, “does he know about us yet, I mean have you given him even the tiniest of hints!?!” “Uh, not yet,” Naomi replied thoughtfully, “I don’t want to scare him off, what do you think I should do, mom!?!” “Have you had sex with him yet,” her mother casually asked!?! “Of course I have,” the young girl replied quickly, “I thought that a taste of the sugar might keep him on my string!” “Mmmmm, that’s very wise,” Miranda Dayne replied proudly, “that’s the same way I landed your father, keep giving them a little more and a little more until they can’t do with out it!” “That was my very thought,” Namoi replied while pouring them both glasses of iced tea, “in fact last night I let Peter ejaculate into my mouth, you should have seen how wild he got!” “I can just imagine,” her mother replied, “your father always like cumming in my mouth, but now of course he only gets to when it strikes my fantasy, and even though I thoroughly enjoy doing it, I don’t do it so often as to let him think he can have it whenever he wishes!” “It takes a lot of thought and preparation to dominate a man, doesn’t it, mom,” Naomi said?!? After taking a long lip from her drink, Miranda Dayne just nodded her head and said, “Yes, dear, it certainly does!”
“Good evening Mrs. Dayne,” Peter said as he entered the front vestibule of the Dayne house, “it certainly is a beautiful evening isn’t it!” Miranda Dayne gave Peter a quick once over, and after satisfying herself that he looked presentable to her daughter, she replied evenly, “Yes, Peter, it certainly is a nice evening, and if I may ask, where are you taking my daughter tonight!?!” “Uh, well, I thought we might go to a movie and then afterwards grab a burger somewhere,” he replied a little nervously! After giving his answer a little bit of thought, Miranda Dayne calmly said, “Then I take it that tonight you won’t be putting your penis into Naomi’s mouth, is that what you’re saying!?!” Peter was frozen in his tracks at the nasty turn that the conversation had taken, and with his face having turned a shade of pure white, he finally stammered, “W-where’d you ever get the idea that we were doing something like that!?!” It was as quick as the strike of a cobra, and poor Peter never saw it coming as Miranda Dayne gave him the back of her hand hard across his unsuspecting cheek! “W-what was that for,” he asked while reeling against the wall, now totally in shock!?! “Don’t you ever lie to me or Naomi ever again,” she said calmly but with a distinct edge to her voice, “if you do you’ll live to regret it!”

Not more than ten seconds later Naomi came tripping down the stairs, and it only took her a moment to see that trouble had reared it’s ugly head! “Hey, what the heck’s going on around here,” she asked while looking back and forth between her mother and Peter!?! “You tell her,” Miranda Dayne replied! “Well, uh, you see, it’s like this…….” “Like what,” Naomi interjected, “speak up and quit mumbling! “I-I’m sorry,” he replied with his head hung down, “as I was saying, I guess I told your mother a lie and she punished me for it, that’s all!” “That’s all,” Naomi exploded, “you lie to my mother and all you have to say is “that’s all”, I should whip you like a dog for that, Peter, I’m very disappointed in you!” “But I was just trying to protect your reputation, ya see she asked me about oral sex, and I didn’t want her to find out about how you and I were……” “Oh shut your babbling mouth,” Miranda Dayne snapped, “Naomi tells me everything, and I mean everything, so there’s no point in lying to me, do you understand me now!?!” With his body shaking like a leaf in a gale, he softly replied, “Yes, ma’am, I understand!”

Miranda took her daughter by the arm, led her into the other room, and said, “We might as well find out right now if he’s submissive material, I’ve got the ball rolling, let’s see where it leads us, what do you say!?!” “I wasn’t expecting for it to happen this quickly,” Naomi replied softly, “but I think you may be right, he seems receptive enough, I say we go for it!” “Good,” Miranda replied while heading back into the front room, “let’s do it!”

Naomi went directly to Peter, and after giving him a little kiss on the cheek, she said, I’ve decided I want to stay in for the evening, both mother and I have a great deal we want to talk with you about, so just sit down and be quiet!” Now while what Naomi had just said wasn’t any big deal in and of itself, but if Peter made a stink about staying home for the evening and just decided to leave, the party would be over, but unfortunately for him, he obediently sat down and waited to see what was going to happen! After everyone was comfortable, Miranda Dayne lit a cigarette, and after blowing a long stream of smoke into the air, just as casually as you please, she look directly into Peter’s eyes and said, “So, Peter, Naomi tells me that you have a nice large erection and know how to use it, is that true!?!” While turning a bright shade of red, Peter cleared his throat, and in a soft voice barely audible, he replied” Well, uh, I do my best, ma’am!” “Of course you do,” Miranda replied evenly, “the question is can you continue to take care of her vagina in a way that will keep her satisfied!?!” With a look of true bewilderment, Peter nodded his head and answered, “I’m sure that I can make Naomi happy, I really love her!” “I didn’t ask you if you could keep her happy,” Miranda replied harshly, “I asked you if you could keep her vagina happy, and let me tell you young man, there’s a great deal of difference!”

Peter squirmed uncomfortably under the steady penetrating gaze of his girl friend’s mother, but what happened next almost made him get up and walk out of the house! “You know, dear,” Miranda Dayne commented to her daughter, “the only way I can be sure of this young man is if I can see his penis for myself!” Naomi thought about it for no more than a second or two before replying, “Of course you right, mother, as I think that’s a splendid idea,” so while turning her attention back to Peter she intoned evenly, “Peter, dear, please stand up and remove your pants and shorts for mother!” He knew that he should just get up and get the heck out of there, but something deep inside of him seemed to have taken over his thought processes, so with only a slight bit of hesitation, Peter stood up and dropped his pants and shorts! “See, mother,” Naomi gushed, “doesn’t he have just the most beautiful penis you’ve ever seen!?!” “Well, dear,” Miranda replied, “I have to say that I’m still partial to your father’s penis, but I will admit that Peter has a very fine member, but the real question is can he use it!?!”

“Of course he can use it,” Naomi replied quickly, “anything that big must be good!” “I’ll be the judge of that,” Miranda said firmly, “Peter, come over here and give me a better look, my eyes aren’t quite what they once were!” Peter looked uneasily at Naomi, but instead of getting any help form her, all he got was a cold stare that left no doubt that she expected him to intimately expose his penis to her mother, so with a little bit of trepidation, he slowly shuffled over to Miranda Dayne! With a very critical eye, Miranda checked Peter’s penis out from every angle, making sure that she softly sqeezed it while inspecting it! His penis seems okay,” she said to her daughter, “he’s having a very good reaction to my touch and his erection seems full and firm, now for his testicles,” and just as casually as you please, Miranda Dayne took Peter’s family jewels into her hand, and after flashing him a small smile, crushed his poor organ until he passed out from the pain!

“Good grief, mother,” Naomi said with concern, “He’s gonna be all right isn’t he, I mean he’s not dead or anything is he!?!” “Of course not, dear,” she replied soflty, “I’ve been breaking men for twenty years and I know exactly what I’m doing, so do me a favor and go get a glass of cold water!” A minute later Naomi returned to the living room with the water, and after taking it from her daughter’s hand, Miranda spread Peter’s legs, and then uncerimoniously dumped the icy water directly on his penis and balls! The cold water instantly brought him around, but it was a very painful awakening as he was clutching at his genitals as he gasped, “W-what have you done to me, ohhhhhh god it hurts so bad!” “Shut up and listen to me, asshole,” Miranda said sharply, “from now on what ever me or my daughter says goes, if you even hint at disobeying us, one of us will be right there to sqeeze your balls, do you got it!?!” With his eyes flooding with tears, all Peter could do was nod his head yes and moan in agony, but if he thought Miranda was done with him he was sadly mistaken as she said to her daughter, “Go up to your father’s drawer and get a pair of his purple panties, I think your little boy needs some undies!

Naomi returned from her father’s bedroom, and with a quick smile offered, “The purple ones must be in the wash, so these pink ones will have to do!” “A good choice, dear,” her mother said proudly, “now you maggot, put these on and be snappy about it!” Still in a state of abject terror, Peter struggled to get the frilly underthings up to his crotch, but finally he got them in place causing Miranda to comment, “I just think that men look so cute in their panties, don’t you dear!?!” “Mmmmmm yes, mother,” Naomi added happily, “and doesn’t his erection look just fabulous underneath the pretty pink silk!?!” “Of course it does, dear,” she replied softly, “but now is the acid test and I hope that he’s up to it,” while standing up and raising the hem of her skirt above the waist she ordered, “I think you can see what must be done, Peter, so do it!” “How’s he doing,” Naomi asked hopefully!?! “He’s doing okay,” Miranda replied in a slightly husky voice, “but he isn’t anywhere as proficient as your father is, but of course I’ve spent twenty odd years training him, so I’d have to say that your young man has defintite possibilities!” Peter didn’t exactly enjoy being compared to other men in their ability to satisfy a woman’s needs, but as he snaked his tongue around Miranda Dayne’s erect clit, her whole body stiffened as a powerful climax ripped through her well eaten cunt, causing her legs to grow weak while she plopped down backwards onto her chair gasping for breath!