Jans Wedding Night

Jan was 23 when I met her and completely modest in every way. She was quiet and shy and blushed at the slightest hint of anything suggestive. The way she dressed was fitting with her strict upbringing, and her figure was petite. 5’4″, 125 lbs, long dark hair, pale blue eyes. Great legs, but always kept hidden under skirts. A small, tight bottom that looked incredible in tight pants, and 34B breasts that were always hidden under a bra.

We began dating and though we did not marry for three years, the furthest I got with her physically was some groping over her clothes of those firm breasts and that marvelous rear. Neither one of us was a virgin and she openly admitted to allowing a past boyfriend have his way with her. Nevertheless she insisted we wait until after marriage, and though this was during the freewheeling 70s, I respected her wishes and held back. The closest I got to seeing her body was in a modest bikini, although the cold water sometimes would force her nipples to push through her top and make it obvious that there were some incredible nipples underneath. This is the first installment of my collection of true stories about my girl, starting with the night I first saw the real Jan . . . . on our wedding night.

The ceremony was small and casual with just a few friends and family. We made it to a nice hotel room in Los Angeles on the 10th floor. In room Jacuzzi and all the extras. The bride wanted to get out of wedding dress without messing it up, so she went off to change in the bathroom. She came out wearing a black satin floor length nightgown which stood out perfectly against her pale skin. I smiled in approval and watched her slowly turn and model for me. The nipples I had been waiting so patiently to see were pressing out against the fabric, and as she stood a few feet from where I was sitting she ran her fingers up over her stomach and under her breasts. Her fingers were noticeably trembling as she gently cupped her breasts for a few seconds, then brushed over both of those incredible points. Her blushing increased and a tiny moan escaped at the stimulation, as if she wanted to act sexy and tease me, but couldn’t quite find the nerve. We embraced and kissed deeply, again causing her to moan and tremble all over. We had kissed passionately many times, but not with this much anticipation.

The first of many memorable hot moments in our relationship happened at that point. Jan stepped back and pushed my arms down and my hands away from her. She looked straight into my eyes and sighed as she untied the sash around her waist. The gown opened slightly revealing the pale skin between her breasts. In exquisite slow motion, she reached up, her hands shaking, and began to open the gown for my eyes. For the first time I saw those awesome pink nipples. They were pointing straight out and even bigger than I imagined. The areola were also bigger than I thought- the classic silver dollar size- and as the fabric fell away it caught on one of the nipples and made it snap back into place. She giggled slightly and watched me for my expression, and she must have liked it, because she smiled widely let me feast on the sight.

Of course my hands were quickly up and inspecting her for the first time over bare skin, and she groaned as I softly pinched the tips and lifted those firm mounds of flesh. As she stared into my eyes I slipped the gown back and off her shoulders, allowing it to fall at her feet. She stood there in silky black tap pants (loose fitting panties like small boxers) and black heels (nice touch with the shoes!) We embraced, kissed, fondled, and eventually moved a few feet to the bed, where I gently lowered her to her back and continued the exploration. I will never forget the first time I took one of those perfect stiff nipples into my mouth. She inhaled sharply and grabbed my arms, but allowed me to continue.

I soon had her arms up above her head as I licked and sucked on her breasts like they the first I had ever tasted. Her excitement was already growing as she obviously was very sensitive with those rock-hard points. She had begun to hump against my leg, and as I began kissing lower over her belly and toward those little pants. She rolled over quickly and complained that I was overdressed. I would have been happy to get naked in about 10 seconds, but she reached out and began unbuttoning my shirt very slowly, then unzipped and pulled at my pants. I was then sitting next to her in my shorts, with an obvious pole pushing out the front. She smiled and lightly ran her hand over it, then playfully climbed on top of me and pushed me onto my back. She straddled me and immediately placed her crotch directly over mine, and she got this wicked smile and she began rocking on top of me, feeling my erection press between her legs.

That’s when memorable moment #2 took place. Her hair was messy and her breathing increasingly heavy as she dry humped me and looked right into my eyes. “I told you it would be worth waiting for!” she purred, and I first realized that there just might be a wild, daring lover under that conservative exterior. With that she slid down over my body and began kissing my stomach. I laid back to enjoy and felt my shorts being pulled lower. Not wanting to miss this moment, I arched my back and pulled my head up in time to see her looking straight at my cock for the first time. She removed the shorts without looking away from me, and then firmly took my dick into her hands. With an expression of complete lust, she opened her mouth and took the head between her lips. With her hands, lips and tongue she made love to my cock like a pro, and I soon felt the rising of an impending orgasm. I warned her that I was going to cum, figuring she may want to pull away, but she just moaned, looked up at me and mumbled “cum in my mouth.” And I did exactly that!

She swallowed and took every drop and then licked and savored the remaining stuff still leaking out. My hard-on remained (as it often did in the younger days) even though I was drained, and she climbed back up and straddle me again, directly over my chest. Her breathing was chocked and she was trembling more than ever and she swayed over me and ran her hands over the front of her tap pants. I watched her fingers stay between her legs and even under the material a few times, and I could smell her scent. I began to lower the waistline, but could not get them off with her kneeling over me. Her dark curly bush came into view, and that’s when memorable moment #3 took place. Her pubic hair was trimmed on the side for a bathing suit, but otherwise full and lush, yet standing up in the middle of it was the biggest clitoris I had ever seen! It was roughly the size of a fingertip and angled toward my chest, with the fleshy hood unable to cover the shiny tip. It was bright pink and wet, and all I could say was “Oh my God!” She moaned and blushed, and pressed up into her lower folds with a finger from underneath. I was totally blown away and had to see this woman naked!

She sensed my intent and sat down next to me, waiting to see my reaction. I laid her back and went right back to pulling on those panties, and she raised her butt to allow them to slide down and off. She kept her legs together, but even in that position her mega-clit was standing out and visible. I took a leg and began to move it to the side, and for the first time I felt her resist a little, then she allowed me to spread her apart and see it all. There before me was this curly dark bush with a thick clit poking out, and the most awesome labia I had every dreamed of! Her wide open thighs and obvious excitement caused the flesh to actually part on its own. The right side was slightly longer than the left, but like a flower opening to the sun, her gorgeous labia were on display.

She asked me what I thought and I stammered “are you kidding?” She looked genuinely concerned.

“I always thought they were too big,” she said softly. “You know . . they stick out too much?” I insisted they were incredible (this happened to always be a big fantasy of mine) and I told her they were amazing. This seemed to relax her enough to press her pelvis up a little in encouragement, and I dove in, licking, kissing and sucking those fleshy petals into my mouth. She exploded with the first of many orgasms that night, shaking and bucking as if she felt it to her core. I had to back off the clit a few times as it became very sensitive, but I was more than happy to change positions and climb on top of her. With her legs pulled high in the air, I looked over that perfect pussy again, with the dangling outer lips and even the wet inner lips showing, and I put my aching cock at the opening. She bit her lip and looked up at me in anticipation, and as I slipped inside her for the first time she came instantly with a long moan of pleasure. I did not last long that first time and soon pushed as deep as I could as my semen shot inside her womb.

The rest of the night was exhausting, and we licked, sucked, fingered and fucked for hours. We woke up in the morning sticky all over with dry sperm and sweat, still totally naked on top of the bedspread. We cleaned up in the Jacuzzi tub, fucked again in the water even though she was getting sore, and then I helped clean her out by holding her over one of the jets and letting the water shoot into her pussy. Of course this brought on another massive orgasm, and I knew the journey had begun. My little shy girl was on her way to becoming an uninhibited sexual animal!