XXY, just three little insignificant letters in the English alphabet, that is unless that was your chromosome designation and not the normal XX or XY!!! XX equals girl, XY equals boy, while XXY equals what!?! For Sula it meant being caught in a permantent limbo between male and female, with oversized male genitalia and a woman’s breasts and hips with no discernable body facial or chest hair!!! She stared intently into the full length mirror in her dressing room, and while her body was incredibly feminie with its perfect breasts, flat stomach, long lean legs, and round soft bottom, her eyes always first gravitated to her groin where hung a fully operation penis that stood eight inches long when completely erect!!! Even as she stood there, the blood flowed to her organ engorging it before her very eyes until it was angrily standing up, demanding the attention it so deserved, so with eyes half closed, she grasped herself firmly and with a series of hard urgent jerkings, tempted a shuddering climax from her spitting penis!!! After cleaning up her cum mess, Sula quickly gathered up her clothing and began dressing for work!!!

Later that day in the small lunch room adjacent to the mail room, Sula took a sip of herbal tea and comment to her good friend Rita, “If that asshole Barker “accidentlly rubs up against me one moe time I’m gonna clock him!!!” “You too, huh,” Rita replied with a shake of her head, “the big jerk’s got roving hands enough for ten men, I’m thinking about going to Procter about it!!!” “A whole lotta good that would do,” Sula retorted, “those two are best friends, what chance do you think you’d have when it was only your word against his!?!” “Yeah,” Rita replied between sips of tea, “you’re probably right, I guess we’ll just have to try to avoid him!!!” “Uh huh,” Sula replied softly as if lost in thought, “we’ll just have to avoid him!!!”

“Y-you stay away from me,” Rita stammered, “I’m gonna scream if you don’t leave me alone!!!” “Who’s gonna hear you in hear,” Josh Barker asked with a sick grin as he moved closer to the cowering woman, “besides, you know you want it, baby, so why don’t you loosen up and enjoy it!?!” “Never,” Rita spat, “you’re nothing but a misogynistic pig!!!” “So that’s what you do a night,” he replied with and evil laugh, “just sitting at home reading the fucking dictionary so you can pop off a big word now and then, well, have you ever run across the word, cocksucker, cuz that’s just what you’re gonna do!?!” Josh advanced ever so slowly towards the terrified woman, when out of nowhere came a voice from the other end of the file room that sounded of pure acid as it rang out, “And just what the fuck do you think you’e doing asshole!?!” “Josh Barker spun around as if on a turntable not sure who to be expecting, but when he saw that it was just Sula, a broad grin spread over his face as he offered, “I was just about to give your friend here a throat exam with my dick, but since you’ve got the big mouth, maybe I’ll start with you instead!!!”

Sula stood her ground eyeing the advancing molester closely before she softened her tone with, “I’ve got and idea, Josh, why don’t you do me first, you know kind of a get acquainted suck off, whattaya say!?!” Josh stopped up short a few feet from Sula wondering about her quick change of heart, but when she seductively lifted the hem of her short skirt giving him a healthy look at her smooth feminine thigh he quickly dropped to his knees in front of her and replied, “That’s a good idea, baby, come to papa and show him your hot pussy!!! Rita was still over in the corner wondering if her friend had taken total leave of her senses, and in a still shaking voice offered, You don’t have to do this for me, I-I’ll be all right!!!” Sula gave her friend a quick wink while proceeding to lift her skirt high above her waist, unmasking her frilly white lace panties to the hungry gaze of Josh Barker!!! “How does this look, lover,” she asked sweetly while thrusting her bulging crotch towards his drooling mouth, “are you ready to do mama’s pussy for her!?!” “Let me at it,” he replied enthusiatically, “I’m gonna give you the best cunt lapping you’ve ever had!!!”

Josh scrambled the last few feet that separated him from his prize, and as of yet he still didn’t have a clue of what was about to befall him!!! “That’s a good boy,” Sula said softly, “now take a deep breath and tell me what you smell!!!” “Oh god,” he sighed deeply, “I just love the aroma of fresh pussy, now just let me get these panties off and I’ll take care of your problem!!!” With his hands shaking, Josh slipped his thumbs inside the elastic wasit band of the satin panties, and with a gentle pull, slid them easily over Sula’s smooth sleek thighs!!! With her penis pulled back between her thighs, even at this close range it wasn’t apparent that anything was amiss, that is until Josh had his mouth only inches from her crotch, Sula only had to slightly spread her legs, allowing her now semi erect pecker to flop out, literally hitting Josh right in the face!!! Being completely taken off guard by the situation, Josh just stared for a moment trying ot figure out exactly what was going on, until it finally all registered in his brain and he screamed out, “What the fuck’s that, are you some kinda freak!?!”

Sula’s right hand came out of nowhere smashing Josh on the side of his face, momentarily stunning him into submission, while she deftly grabbed him by the ears and rammed her rapidly expanding erection into his unsuspecting mouth!!! “How do you like it now, little man,” she spat with vengance, “is it fun having someone force a big dick into your fucking mouth!?!” Josh stared blankly back at her while sucking his first dick, but it was Rita over in the corner who gasped, “I-is that what I think it is!?!” “I guess that depends on what you think it is,” Sula replied evenly!!! Now slowly coming over to get a closer look, the stunned young woman looked first at the huge cock stuck inside of Josh Barker’s mouth, and then back up at her friend’s face, trying in her mind to reconcile the two diametrically oposing images that flip flopped back and forth in her head!!! “I never had a clue,” Rita replied softly, “y-you look so feminine!!!” “Thanks,” Sula replied smoothly, “and that’s the way I want it!!!” She was just about to add that she still hoped that they could be friends when all at once Josh tried pulling away from her, necessitating that she crack him another one across the chops, this time cutting his lip and causing it so bleed!!!

Rita looked on in fascination while Sula calmly forced Josh to suck her big pecker, and commenting as she watched, “How long is that thing anyway, it’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen!?!” “Mmmmm, a little over eight inches,” Sula replied with a slight moan, “I’m realy horny since I haven’t cum in a couple of days!!!” “Do you have a boy friend or I mean a girl friend,” Rita asked, “I mean, well you know what I mean!?!” Sula giggled her infectious laugh that Rita love so well and replied, “To tell you the truth, hon, I’ve got one of each!!!” “Your kidding,” Rita replied in awe, “which one do you like better!?!” “Well,” Sula replied while keeping her vise like grip on Josh’s ears, “I like them both, but since I do have a penis, I guess that I’d rather be with a woman because I can fuck her pussy!!!” “A-are your breasts real,” Rita asked shyly!?!” “Of course they are,” Sula laughed, “I take estrogen tablets that have given me natural breasts and wide womanly hips, but while with most women the female hormones drastically reduce the size of their penises, on me is has had just the opposite affect, I’m bigger and harder than ever before, and right now, I-I’m just about to cum!!!” Josh tried desperately to get his mouth off the about to erupt volcano, but it was useless to fight it, and finally he just relaxed his muscles as Sula ejaculated a gusher of hot spunk down his virgin throat!!!

As her erection waned following her leg shaking climax, Sula shoved Josh Barker to the floor after which she gave him good hard kick to the groin and snapped, “If you now what’s good for you, asshole, you’ll keep your fucking mouth shut and your hands to yourself, now have you got it!?!” “With a look of abject fear on his face, he vigorously nodded his head and replied softly, “I’ve got it!!!” Sula calmly dropped her skirt and after carefully smoothing out the wrinkles, escorted Rita from the file room and back to her office!!! Once inside, Sula closed and locked the door and offered her friend a drink of water and asked, “Are you okay, hon, you look a little pale!?!” After taking a long sip of the refreshing liquid, Rita nodded her head and replied, “Well, you have to admit that was just a little bit on the strange side wouldn’t you!?!” Again Sula giggled softly and replied, Yeah, I guess you could say that, are you gonna tell on me!?!” “Of course not,” Rita answered quickly, “but where does that leave us, I mean as friends!?!” “Where do you want it to leave us,” Sula asked softly!?! Rita bit her lip for a second, and after a moments hesitation asked, “Would you please do me a favor!?!” “Sure,” Sula replied, “just name it!?!” With her eyes glazing over, Rita asked hoarsely, “Show me your cock!!!”

“Are you sure you want this,” Sula asked gently, “this is the real deal here, do you think you can handle it!?!” “When we were in the file room,” she replied, “it was all I could do to keep from shoving Josh out of the way and taking his place, does that answer your question!?!” Sula gave Rita a long hard look, and then after no more than a moments wavering, stood up and for the second time that day pulled her dress up above her waist, but this time there were no panties present to hide her secret!!! “Well,” Sula asked softly, “satisfied!?!” After making an audible gulping sound, Rita replied, “Hardly,” and in a flash, dropped to her knees and quickly sucked Sula’s big cock into her hungry mouth!!! “G-good grief,” Sula moaned while dropping her butt onto the front edge of her desk for support, “that’s fucking fantasitc, ohhhhhhhhhhh god is that good!!!” Rita had sucked more than a few cocks in her day, but never one as big and viral as the one standing up strong and proud from her best girl friend’s crotch, and with her tongue and lips working overtime, she brought Sula do yet another shattering climax as she filled her friend’s hot mouth with a jet stream of hot cum!!!

“T-that was incredible,” Sula sighed while her pecker swung gently back and forth between the two of them, “much better than that asshole could ever do!!! Rita was still savoring the sensation of having such a huge pecker to suck on, but the fire that had been ignited in her pussy was roaring out of control as she softly begged, “P-please fuck me, I can’t wait another second!!!” Sula leaned down and pulled Rita to her feet, then kissed her softly on her lips and asked in a whispered voice, “How do you want it, honey!?!” With her cunt drooling and semi convulsing already, it was all Rita could do to stammer, “I want it from the rear, take me hard and fast!!!” Gently taking Rita by the arm, Sula carefully leaned her forward over the top of her desk before positoning herself behind her and saying, “I’m going to lift up your dress, take off your panties, and then what am I going to do!?!” “Oh, god,” Rita groaned, “then you’re going to fuck me hard from the rear, just like I like it!!!” “And what am I going to fuck you with, dear,” she asked in a whispered voice!?! “W-with your big fucking pecker, that what,” Rita gasped!!! “Are you sure you want it,” Sula teased while running the head of her pecker up and down Rita’s gaping slit!?! “Y-you’re trying to drive me crazy aren’t you,” the poor girl moaned, “P-please, give it to me, I’m on fucking fire!!!”

Sula gave Rita a couple more seconds to build her tension, and then out of the blue, she rammed her eight plus inch satisfier deep into Rita’s pussy, inducing the first of many climaxes on the very first stroke!!! “Sweet jesus in heaven,” Rita groaned while grinding her pussy back against Sula’s pounding dick, “y-you’re fucking huge, I can’t believe the fucking you’re giving me, it’s so fucking good, and I feel so fucking filled up!!!” Sula was now even getting into the swing of things as the head of her big dick slowly but surely took over control of her body even though this would turn out to be her third orgasm in less than an hour!!! “God I’m close,” Rita gasped while Sula jammed her like a trip hammer on the loose, “y-you fuck like a machine, always hard and always ready to go!!!” This was the way people were supposed to fuck, with total abandon and no thought for anything but having a crushing orgasm, and that was exacatly what Sula and Rita were doing, driving each other to brutally hard climaxes that were sure to leave them drained and sapped from the experience!!!

145 Sula’s cock was now on automatic pilot as she drove her eight inch spike in and out of Rita’s pussy until all at once her whole body stiffened as she filled the tight little pussy with a shower of hot burning semen, which nautrally caused the poor defenseless organ to quiver for a second or two before it collasped around the brutal invader in a vain attempt to control its assault, but alas it was too late for that as it was soon all over for both of them!!! Rita couldn’t believe how reamed out her cunt felt as she slowly slid off the edge of the desk into a heap on the carpeted office floor!!! “So,” Sula asked while caressing the raw head of her big pecker, “who do you like to fuck more, boys or girls!?!” Rita could barely smile, but as her blood pressure returned to normal she managed to sigh, “It’s gotta be girls, baby, it’s gotta be girls!!!”

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