Girls Night Out

My best friend Sandy and I have worked together for 2 years. We have taken trips together, gone out drinking, had some good times. She has recently divorced, while I am happily married. Last weekend, we decided to we needed a girls’ night out. We decided to have a male friend of mine drop us off at the club for a night of drinks and pool. We were dressed for a night of fun, both of us in black dresses, mine tight black velvet with a plunging neckline, hers rather short, showing off her ample thighs in black fishnet stockings. Six inch spiked heels for both of us, topping off our attire.

When we arrived at the club, Jake left us, rather reluctantly, at the front door. I noticed a group of young men standing in the parking lot, all of whom just so happened to notice us. We entered the door, paying our cover fee, and obtaining our cues. We have a particular waitress we both prefer, and she noticed us right away. After ordering our drinks, we began to set up the table for a game of nineball. Heads were beginning to turn right away as I bent over the table to square the rack. The hem of my dress rising to expose the top of my stockings. The waitress arrived with our drinks, and we were on our way to a rather enjoyable evening. The table beside us had now been occupied by 3 of the young men I had noticed in the parking lot.

Sandy and I are pretty good at pool, better than most, I suppose, but she was getting the better of me, as we joked and teased each other about the game. The guys at the next table seemed to enjoy our rivalry. I had to make a rather difficult shot, and from my angle, my only chance was to sit on the corner of the table, and angle my shot at the side pocket. As I climbed up onto the table, being certain not to completely close my legs, I stradled the corner pocket just enough to allow a slight glance at my crotchless black satin panties. Sandy was standing behind me, eyeballing my shot, her long hair brushing across my shoulders. I noticed the guys had now stopped to take a good look. The waitress came over to refill our drinks, and I missed my shot, to Sandys’ enjoyment. One of my heels had fallen to the floor while I was on the table, and now, before me stood a tall, rather handsome blue eyed fellow. He bent over to pick up my heel,and his face was now inches from my crotch. Looking down at him, I could tell by the smile on his face, he was enjoying this. Placing my heel onto my foot, he stood, taking my hand to help me down. His two friends came over and we all introduced ourselves. The young man who had helped me out was Shawn. The guys asked if they could buy us a drink.

Sandy and I agreed, and soon we were all laughing and shooting pool, Sandy and I teasing the guys as we would bend over way too far to make our shots. Soon, one of the guys, Dave, said we should place bets on our game. We agreed to play teams, Sandy and I against Dave, Shawn, and Brian. I wasnt fond of the odds, but the losers paid the table fees, so the game was on. The waitress came over with a round of drinks, and I was beginning to feel the few I had already drank. It was my turn to make a shot, and I stumbled as I leaned down to eyeball the angle. Shawn came to my aid, once again, as I laughed and leaned against the table. Placing his hand on my hip to steady me, he stood behind me, leaning down close to my face as I felt his hand slide up my dress. Sandy and the guys were sitting on stools in the corner talking and laughing, both guys with their eyes glued to her. Of course, I missed my shot as Shawns’ hand slid further up my dress and across my ass. Turning around to face him, he kissed me, his tongue brushing across my lips. Sandy and I were both rather intoxicated by this time, and she asked if I needed to go to the little girls’ room, I said yes, and the guys ordered another round of drinks from our waitress as we walked away. In the restroom, Sandy and I decided these guys were hot enough, and we wanted to see what else they were good at.

Walking back to the table, Sandy told Dave that we thought we would call our friend to come take us home. Of course he said that wasnt necessary, he, Brian and Shawn could give us a ride home. We agreed, paid our table fees and left with them. It had started to rain as we stepped out the door and got into their Explorer. Dave was driving, and Sandy took the passenger seat. I was in the middle between Shawn and Brian in the back seat, which was just fine with me. My long dark hair was soaked from the rain. Brian had been pretty quiet for most of the evening, but he began to come around as his hand rested on my knee in the cramped backseat. I had one hand on Shawns thigh, the other resting in my lap. Shawn was running his hand through my hair, when all of a sudden, he forcefully brought my face into his as his tongue probed my mouth, fighting with my own tongue. Suddenly, Brians’ hand slipped up my dress, and before I knew it, I was being invaded by these two guys. I pulled away from them, pressing my heels into the floorboard, and raising my dress to expose my now throbbing pussy. I leaned over, placing my face in Shawns’ lap and brought my legs up to rest in Brians’. As Shawn unzipped his pants to expose his stiff cock, Brian slid two fingers into my tight cunt. I could hear Sandy and Dave in the front, and now noticed that we were no longer moving, I didnt know where we were and didnt really seem to give a damn at the moment. I just wanted these two guys any way I could get them. Brian moved my legs, and managed to remove his own pants, positioning me on my knees. He moved around behind me, and I felt his fat cockhead at my opening. Placing my lips around Shawns cockhead, and hungrily sucking his entire shaft into my mouth, as Brian began fucking me, his hands on my hips, pulling at the straps of my garter, I could hear muffled moans from the front seat.

She must be sucking him off, I thought. Shawn had his hands tangled in my hair, pushing and pulling my mouth up and down his shaft, fucking my mouth as if it were the last piece of ass he would ever get. Brian was reaming my asshole with his finger as his cock plunged in and out of my pussy. I felt a rush of heat, and the walls of my pussy began to convulse. I couldnt get enough of these two cocks, I bucked back against Brian as he reamed 2 fingers in and out of my asshole, he grabbed my hair with his free hand, and pulled my head back, “Tell me you want it.” he said, I couldnt say anything, as my orgasm had now taken over. My mouth was bobbing up and down on Shawns cock as he pushed my head down, cumming down my throat. I swallowed hard, just in time to let out a loud groan as my pussy convulsed around Brians’ cock, sending my juices running down his balls. I quickly turned around, taking his balls into my hand, and his cock into my mouth, licking my juices off his cock. As I squeezed his balls in my hand, I impaled my mouth down his shaft, sucking hard on my way back up, he took my head into both his hands, and shoved his cock into the back of my throat, holding me there as he came. I heard Sandy laugh in the front seat, as she said, “You take it girl”. I swallowed as I felt Brians grip on my head loosen. My swollen cunt lips soaked of my own juices, I licked the remainder of their cum from my lips as I slowly pulled my dress back down, and took my place in the middle of the seat. Dave asked if we were ready to go and we were on our way home.

When we arrived at Sandys’ house, Dave got out and opened her door for her as they shared a good bye kiss. Brian opened his door and helped me out, my heels in my hand. Shawn had came around to this side too, and kissed me, whispering, “Thank you” into my ear. Brian put his arms around my waist and kissed me. Sandy and I walked into the house as the guys drove away. We decided we would have to have these nights out more often, and I called Jake to take me home. I had just had a wonderful fuck, with two great guys, now it was time to go home to my husband… freshly fucked and ready for more.