Distracted At The Office

Katie was my new secretary. Her desk was at a right angle to mine so that she sat side on to me right in my field of vision as I tried to get on with my work. This I found quite hard because Katie could be a little distracting. Although her clothes made a nod to the professional, it was a little, how shall I say, slutty. Mind you she was the kind of girl who could have made twin sets and floral prints look slutty. She had long, dirty blonde hair and tits like boulders, the kinds of tits that would stand out from behind any kind of top and put sex on you brain. She also those pouty little lips that seemed made for no purpose other than to wrap around some lucky guys cock and suck his brain’s out.

Yes, nature had given Katie the body of a slut. But what God had given Katie had perfected. Today was unusual in that she wasn’t showing any cleavage. Most days I’d have to try my damnedest to keep my eyes away from the valley of breasts as they lay half exposed under her shirt. Once I’d been able to see her black bra peeking out from the white cotton as it pushed her twin mounds of flesh together in the most eye catching way imaginable. It was even worse as she leaned over my desk to show me a client letter or an invoice, her tits thrust into my face, inviting me to gaze down under the fabric which hung away from her body so that I could see the full shape of her large breasts straining against her bra. As she talked to me of mundane billing matters, I could imagine how her breasts would swing free if released from her bra. They would seem to fill my entire field of vision and there were times when my mind would be so full of them that it seemed entirely natural that they should be swinging free, that Katie would take off her bra as she leaned close to, so close that I could feel her breath on my cheek. That instead of getting her answer and going back to her desk she’d carry on leaning over even further, stick her tits in my face so I could lick and nibble on her nipples, feel them harden in my mouth. Having down that she would then lower her heavy breasts onto my cock, now miraculously free of my pants and rub them against it, push her titties into my cock and massage it until she’d pull away just as I came so I’d spray my seed all over those dirty great boobs.

Today instead she was wearing a tight pink sweater that came up to her neck. No cleavage was showing at all but the tightness of the sweater left very little to the imagination. But what was stopping me concentrating on the Johnson report was her skirt. Normally she’d go for plain trousers, focusing most of the attention on her chest. Although there were times when she bent over to look at some files that I could see the outline of her perky little arse straining through the fabric or the line of a g-string poking out over the top. I could feel my cock stirring against my leg as images came unbidden of me standing behind her, slipping her trousers and panties off over her hips, exposing her bare arse, feeling that cute little bottom pushed against my pelvis as I slid my hard, quivering cock into her tight, wet little pussy, fucking her hard from behind while she braced herself, bent over the filing cabinet groaning with delight as I shot my load deep inside her. In reality of course I’d just sit there fidgeting awkwardly hoping I wouldn’t get called away from my desk before my hard-on subsided.

The skirt she had on today was little more than a belt, barely even covering her white cotton panties, panties that I had seen flashing at me twice already as she crossed and re crossed her long legs, legs that I could just imagine spread wide open as I fucked her, her pussy warm and inviting as I filled it with my cock thrusting into her, my pelvis rubbing against her clit, her moaning as I brought us both to a climax. Today those legs were covered in sheer black stockings while suspenders stretched over an inch or two of exposed thighs, thighs that she should be pressing hard against my head as I bury my face in her pussy, sucking her clit and drinking her juices while she comes in my mouth.

I’d had a hard-on all morning and couldn’t even concentrate as my boss came in to talk about the Johnson affair. He’d shut the door so it must be serious. I could tell her was agitated about it but my eyes kept on slipping over to Katie all the same, travelling up her bare thighs and hoping to get another glimpse of panty. Although Katie kept her legs crossed I got far more of a show then I could have hoped for. I turned to look back at Allen unsure how to react, Allen had his back to Katie and couldn’t see what she was up to, couldn’t see her hand slipping in between her legs and rubbing up against where her pussy had to be. Katie’s other hand was on the mouse and she was staring hard at her monitor but there could be no doubt that she was getting herself off. I could see her breathing came fast and shallow as she struggled not to make a noise, her chest expanding making her tits stand out even more against her pink top.

My dick was like a rock now and I had no idea what Allen was talking about. Fortunately he didn’t seem to expect much from me and eventually he left. As he turned away Katie’s hand shot out from between her legs only just before he could see her. This was just as well because before leaving Allen paused for a moment to look at Katie and it was quite clear that I wasn’t the only one she had an effect on.

He clearly had something on his mind and I guessed it wasn’t just the Johnson business because he closed the door behind him as he left. Normally doors were left open, closed ones meant private business and were generally avoided. I turned to Katie to ask her to open it but stopped as I saw her looking at me in a way she never had before. She was still a little pink from playing with herself and she fixed me with an expression flirty, naughty but direct. Still keeping my gaze fixed in hers she pushed her chair back from her desk and swung around to face me so I could see her in full view now. I thought she was going to slide her fingers under her white cotton panties and finish what she’d started, fucking herself while I watched.

Instead she put both hands on her breasts and pressed them together, pushing her chest forward and tilting her head back as she rubbed them rhythmically together. She uncrossed her legs but lifted one knee up a fraction so that she could rub her thighs together as she massaged her breasts through her tight top. Her attention may have been firmly on her tits but she was working her stockinged legs in a way that I knew wouldn’t make her come but would just keep her pussy wet and stimulated, ready for whatever the hell she was going to do next. I couldn’t believe this, my cock almost hurt now it was so hard bulging through my trousers wanting to be free, wanting to be fucking my secretary in her skimpy little skirt.

Stopping playing with her tits she brought her head back down to look at me again. She took hold of her top just above her skirt and started to pull it up, exposing her tight little belly. I could see that she had a tattoo of a rose just by her belly button. She paused as she held her top rucked up under her breast. I wasn’t sure if the show was over. I hoped to God it wasn’t but I didn’t see how much further it could go, not here at any rate. I was just about to suggest we get a hotel room and spend the lunch hour locked in the 69 position so that I could taste her sweet pussy while she licked my cock and sucked my balls. As her boss I would have to insist that the skirt and suspenders stayed on while she lost everything else, pressing her titties into my business suit while she swallowed my length, licking the head of my penis til she was ready to swallow what I gave her.

As I opened my mouth so speak she put one finger to her lips to indicate that I shouldn’t say a word. It was also to let me know that I may be the boss but she was one in control. If she wanted her pussy licking she’d let me know. Even if she wanted bending over the desk while I banged her roughly from behind, her panties twitched to one side, she’d still be the one in charge, even as her body shuddered from the force of my cock driving hard and deep into her tight, wet little holes.

She opened her legs, the tiny skirt riding up so I could see right in between her legs, see how wet her panties were. She had even smeared herself a little on the black leather of her brand new executive chair. Suddenly she’d taken her top completely off and let it drop in a little heap beside her. Her lacy black bra that I had only glimpsed before pushed her tits out so as they stood to attention, even bigger then they’d seemed, the pink rounds of her aureoles clearly visible peeking through the lace. I wanted more than anything to go over there and suck and nuzzle on those titties, free them from her bra and let her boobs swing in my face, enveloping me. I knew that this simple wasn’t on however and that if I took any form of initiative it might all be over.

Next she moved her hands down to her thighs, pulling the skirt all the way back and hitching her thumbs in the sides of her panties. Balancing on her elbows she hoist her arse off the chair so that she could peel her panties off her hips. As she did so she moved her thighs up and round, one slightly higher than the other. So although I knew that she must be completely exposed I wasn’t yet able to see the hot, wet little space between her legs that I’d spent so long fantasising about. Maybe I wouldn’t ever, I didn’t know where this was going. My secretary had just got her pussy out at 11.30 am on a workday with only an oak panelled door between us and a couple of hundred of our colleagues. The chances of my aching dick relieving itself and emptying itself into it still had to be slim.

Katie swung both legs over the left arm rest of her chair and let her panties slide down her long legs onto the floor, crossing her ankles. One hand was under the cup of her bra by now and was clearly stroking a nipple. The she leaned back in her chair arching her back, thrusting her tits out even more as she put both hands behind her back to free her bra strap. Suddenly Katie was topless, her boobs dropped only a fraction into a shape even more inviting and delicious then the contrived contours her bra pushed her into. However I didn’t have long to admire them as she almost simultaneously swung her long right around and up on onto the desk. Both hands went straight from bra fastener to her now totally exposed pussy. She was shaved, of course, and glisteningly wet. With one hand she put two fingers deep into her pussy and with the other she rubbed her clit hard. She kept up eye contact for as long as she could but her eyes kept closing and she threw her hand back, her whole body straining. As she played with her pussy her arms pressed her breasts together, jiggling them about while her hands went to work on her cunt. I wanted to stick my cock in the valley of her breasts and let the motion they made as she brought herself to a climax make me come too, spaying over her just like I’ve dreamt of since the first day she came to work for me.

Although she’s somehow managed not to keep quiet she can’t hide the squelching sounds her dripping wet pussy makes as she rams two fingers in her pussy while rubbing her clit as hard as she can. I can see the pink flesh shaking under the onslaught and then finally spasm as she comes. She fixes me with that gaze again even dirtier then ever and lifts the fingers that have been playing with her clit to her mouth, pouts and then licks them clean. She stands up, her skirt falls over her pussy, obscuring it from view and she walks over to me, still in high heels. I’m tight with anticipation. After what I’ve just seen I don’t care what happens or where I am I just want to fuck this brazen little hussy and I think she might just let me

She leans over the desk like she has so many times before but this time it isn’t an invoice she’s got for me. Her tits are dangling over my desk like they have so many times before but this time completely free. Her hard, pouty little nipples imploring me to nibble and lick. I lean forward but she pushes me back. She brings up her other hand, the one that until recently was thrust deep inside her pink, spasming flesh and gives it to me to lick. I can hardly wait to get my first taste of her and greedily lick the still hot juices off her hand relishing the slightly bitter but oh so delicious taste of her cunt.

She walks around the desk and leans over to me and puts her hand down my pants, closing it around my throbbing cock. I think I’m going to come straight away I’m so aroused. She gets down on her knees and opens my fly and pulls my cock out of my pants. Licking her lips she looks me in the face as she purses her now moistened mouth. The tip of my cock is a tight red ball shining with the sticky juices that have been building inside me and have now begun to seep out. She lowers her pursed lips and gently kisses the straining head. Her soft wet lips feel cool and refreshing on my hot, bothered manhood. She takes them away and the raging fires of lust that this little slut has ignited in my come roaring back.

Her tongue flicks out now and she licks the underside of my shaft from just above my balls all the way up to the tip. I shiver as the soft wetness of her tongue brings relief as it travels up and down the length of my cock just like she’s licking an ice cream. This goes on for some while, up and down, wherever her mouth is feels cool and delicious but wherever her tongue isn’t feels like a furnace. Finally as she brings her tongue up over the head she opens her mouth wide and takes me entire cock in her mouth, swallowing the whole length. The pleasure is so intense I moan as I feel right on the edge of emptying my load right down inside.

Immediately she stops. She looks at me hard. I can tell moaning wasn’t allowed. God knows we were taking enough risks I wasn’t sure what difference a little moan could make but she was the boss now. I knew that saying anything could ruin the whole thing, that she’d stop right here and leave me with all this pent up come and lust and nowhere to empty it. There was nothing I could say I just had to look at her imploringly as she looked at me for what seemed like the longest time, my cock burning. Finally she seemed satisfied, put her lips back on my cock and swallowed it in one easy movement.

The relief of feeling those dirty, pouty, little lips wrapped around my cock again, this cock of mine I’ve wanted to put in her since we first met was so great that I came almost at once. As I did I grabbed the hair on the back of her head and pushed me hips in her face. She seemed to love it slurping hungrily on my cock as I came in the back of her throat, I thought about her throat as I kept on coming; pink, wet and warm just like that pussy I still hadn’t got to fuck.

Eventually I stopped and Katie let my dick slide out her mouth. She looked at me, winked, swallowed and licked her lips. She stood up pulling her skirt down, or at least as far as it would go. She picked up her top and slipped it on over her naked breasts, those tits she still hadn’t let me play with. I could still see her hard nipples through the material. Her bra and panties she placed under her desk, then she walked over and opened the door. Seconds later Allen walked through it again and this time he took a bit longer to get rid of. I was able to give him more of my attention this time but my mind did keep straying back to me horny little secretary sitting in the corner with no knickers on.

After I finally got rid of Allen I turned back to my work. I’d got eleven emails since I’d last checked. One of them was from Katie.

“After lunch I’ll let you fuck me properly.”

I looked over but she ignored me. I could feel myself getting hard again.

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