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Gwens Bountiful Buttocks

The rain fell hard and steady that weekend afternoon. My lover, Gwen, and I had planned to spend the day walking up and down Michigan Avenue checking out the store window displays and, perhaps, stopping in here and there to make a purchase. After window shopping, we would find a café just off the avenue for a bite to eat while we talked and enjoyed each other’s company. But the poor weather changed all that. I’m not too sad about it, though. Instead of being out in public, we stayed in and ended up having a very good day.

Gwen is a stunningly beautiful woman. For those of you who care about such things, Gwen has very dark skin, short kinky hair, is rather tall, and has a somewhat pear-shaped figure. She’s got a lovely face with large eyes that can be soulful, mischievous or piercing, and luscious full lips, firm natural 34-B breasts with nipples the color of black licorice, sleek arms with long delicate fingers, a taut flat belly, wide hips (at least 40 inches), and long legs with tapering thighs and shapely calves. Gwen is a serious amateur dancer and so she has flexibility throughout her body and her arms and legs are very powerful without being bulky. To me, she defines femininity.

I, on the other hand, am a white man, more than 6 feet tall, rather muscular, but with the beginnings of that spare tire all men seem to develop at some point in their lives. As for looks, I consider myself to be average looking at best. I enjoy working out with weights, taking long walks along the lakefront, listening to music, and reading mystery novels. And, of course, I love spending time with Gwen and every day I’m thankful that Gwen continues to spend her life with me.

Gwen and I are both in our mid 50’s and we’ve been together for more than 25 years. We’re not married, but our relationship is more solid that many married couples’. Part of our success together is a very satisfactory sex life. I figure that during a typical week we’ll have some form of sex at least 10 times. That’s a minimum of 520 acts of erotic touching, talking dirty to each other, and good old oral, genital and/or anal sex every year. Sometimes we’ll spice up our love life by including another man (for her) or woman (for me) or couple (for us). On rare occasions Gwen will bed a strange man and I might fuck some unknown woman. You may think we’d be angry and hurt by this, but the opposite is true. She’ll tell me about what it felt like to have a stranger’s cock inside her body and I’ll tell her all about being in some slut’s mouth, cunt and ass. It makes us that much more horny for each other and we end up acting like teenagers and fucking every which way through the night!

Now back to the story. On that particular rainy day, Gwen decided to practice her dance routine. I’m a lousy dancer, but I thoroughly enjoy watching Gwen. She makes it look so natural and effortless, even thought I know she’s working very hard. Gwen exudes a definite style and grace in her movements. Naturally, my motives for watching her are not all innocent! When Gwen practices, she tends to wear form-fitting clothes that cling to her physical attributes very nicely. Of particular interest to me is how her leotard seems to amplify the jiggling of her ample butt. I’ve frequently begged Gwen to practice in the nude, but she says that wouldn’t work because I’d never give her the chance. She’s right, but I have to ask because one day she just might agree!

Anyway, I watched Gwen do her stretches and then begin her dance. I was very turned on by her and started to rub my cock through my pants. Gwen saw me and smiled. I often play with myself while watching her dance (or cook or do the laundry or sit in a chair reading a book). Soon I had my pants and BVDs off and was stroking my penis where she could see it. Sometimes her routine brought her near to where I was sitting and she would blow me a kiss or very lightly touch the head of my cock with her long sculpted fingers. That always gave me a jolt like electricity, but it was never enough to make me cum. I reached out and grabbed for her ass as she swept by.

Gwen continued to practice for about an hour. When she finished, there was a glow about her that made her appear more beautiful and sexy than usual. I could have jumped her right then, but Gwen wanted to take a hot bath to relax her muscles. She asked me to join her in our bedroom in 30 minutes.

That half-hour passed much too slowly. My cock was oozing pre-cum and I desperately wanted to shoot my load, but I called up every reserve of willpower that I had and waited. Finally time was up and I entered our bedroom. Gwen was lying facedown on the bed, completely naked. Her legs were spread apart and I could clearly make out the bright pink slash between her dark chocolate thighs. She asked me to massage her legs and back. I started with her calves and ankles and feet. She oohed and aahed and seemed to melt in my hands as I rubbed her feet. Next, I gently but firmly rubbed and kneaded her back. Then I spent at least 10 minutes on each thigh. Of course, there was the accidental (on purpose) touching of Gwen’s labia and opening of her vagina. My cock was at its maximum length and hardness and yet it seemed more blood was trying to flow in than my penis could hold. Large drops of pre-cum landed all over Gwen’s legs and back.

As I was finishing with her thighs, Gwen asked me to massage her butt cheeks. My prayers were answered! I started slowly, trying to pace myself, but soon I knew it was a lost cause. I squeezed and gathered up the fleshiness of each cheek with my hands. I kissed and licked her skin. Her butt cheeks were contradictions in sensations, both firm and soft, pliable yet hard, smooth yet covered with goose bumps. Before long, I parted those big cheeks and stuck my tongue into the muskiness of her asshole. I licked and nipped with my teeth all around her anus and up and down her ass crack. She was twitching her hips and moaning with pleasure. After several minutes of oral stimulation I got on my knees and slowly pushed my prick past her sphincter. Gwen had a look of pure delight on her face. I kept pushing until there was nowhere left to go. Then I slowly withdrew and as the head of my cock was about to pop out, I pushed back in. I repeated this maybe 15 times before I felt the unmistakable rush of cum racing through my shaft. I plunged in one last time and shot my semen deep into Gwen’s bowels. She must have felt my ejaculation because she gave out a primal moan and clamped her ass shut in her own orgasm.

After my cock softened, I pulled out of Gwen’s lovely ass. She rolled onto her side and gave me a long soul kiss. Then she went into the bathroom and came back with a small bowl of water, soap and a hand towel. Gwen lovingly washed my cock of our combined juices. She carefully dried my penis and took the dirty water back to the bathroom. Gwen came back and stood before me. Her tits were swollen and her shaved pussy was hot with arousal. She kneeled on the bed and lowered her cunt to my face and I began at least a half hour of cunnilingus. She came at least twice, drenching my face with her vaginal juices each time. Then she licked and nibbled and suckled on my cock until I unloaded into her mouth. We spent the rest of the day naked, completely comfortable with each other. That evening Gwen asked me to fuck her hard in her pussy and ass and I was happy to oblige. An hour or so later we fell asleep totally contented.

I so happy and lucky to have Gwen, the love of my life!

The Yard

After a bad divorce I had moved to a new town. I found a job within a few weeks, but it was far from the ideal job. I was a mechanic’s helper in the city garage, working on garbage trucks, an often nasty job. Once in a while, after I was able to wash up enough, I stopped in at one of the local pubs, and in time got to know a couple of the other guys who seem to hang out there. I guess I bitched enough about my rotten job, until one day one of the guys who worked in the office of a big lumber yard, told me there was an opening in one of the yard crews. The next Monday morning I was at the lumber yard office applying for the open spot, and in a few hours I had a new job.

There were two yard crews, one for consumer sales, and one for commercial, with each crew having four guys. I was on the consumer crew, it would be hard work, I was told, but at least it was cleaner.

I worked with Ron, Buzz, and Frank, all good, hard working guys. I worked hard along with them, we laughed at my screw-ups, and by the end of the week I was catching on. Ron was the crew lead, and never seemed to get tired of showing me the “how-to’s,” but the other guys were just as helpful and I felt I was getting to be a part of the team.

On Friday, Ron told me he was having a barbeque get-together at his place, and did I want to come. All the other guys were married, but for some reason that weekend the wives weren’t coming. Since it wasn’t like I had anything else to do, I said sure I’d be glad to come and bring a case of beer, since the other guys were each bringing something.

Ron had a nice house on the outskirts of town with a big front porch and a detached garage where he kept a couple of rebuilt 50’s cars. He introduced his wife, Molly, who was a classic tall beautiful blonde with a great figure, I took time to note. He also introduced Molly’s sister June, who had been visiting for a few days, but who didn’t look anything like Molly. June was short with dark hair, not the beautiful type, instead was the cute tomboy type, but there was nothing tomboyish about her figure. Molly gave me her hand to shake when we were introduced, but June gave me a big hug, pressing herself firmly against me.

The barbeque area was in the back of the house, and shortly we had all the good stuff going. I had thought to bring two cases of beer, and as we cooked and ate, everything was washed down with a brew. I think Molly was drinking wine, but June was working on the beer along with the rest of us. Soon we were all stuffed with good barbeque, and found ourselves on the front porch steps shooting the bull. Molly sat on a top step with June next to her and somehow I wound up next to June. Molly and June were dressed almost alike with white blouses and short jeans shorts. Molly’s legs looked great in the shorts, and her bra-covered breasts pushed hard against her blouse. But June’s leg was feeling good against mine, and I kept glancing at the front of her blouse, trying to visualize what lay under. After one particularly long look I glanced up at her face and saw that she was looking directly at me. “Ah, busted,” I thought, then noticed that she was smiling. I was embarrassed, and looked away, then in a moment June got up and went into the house. In a minute she was back, holding two fresh brews, one of which she handed to me, then went and sat on a step below and to the side of me.

“Damn,” I thought, already missing her warm smooth leg against mine. But then I noticed she had unbuttoned one or two of the front buttons of her blouse, or was it my imagination?

No, it wasn’t, because now as she bent forward to hear what one of the other guys was saying, her blouse opened a little and I could see her white bra, and the soft creamy skin that was the beginnings of her breast. As my brain was registering this, she turned and again caught me looking, but again gave me a smile.

So I continued to half listen to the bull the other guys were shooting, and half kept looking down the front of June’s partly unbuttoned blouse. I glanced at June’s face every once in a while to see if she might be getting pissed that I was trying to see her titties, but she was facing forward, seemingly intent in what the guys were saying, but with that smile on her face still. I glanced over at Molly to see if she noticed what was going on and saw that she was looking at June with an almost-smile on her face, and I wondered what was going on in her mind.

I hadn’t yet finished the beer that June had given me, but she tilted her head back and drained her can, then got up and walked past me into the house. I assumed she was going to get another beer or to pee, or both. A few moments later she came back out and again took her seat on the step below me. I heard the guys all talking about the two old cars that Ron had in his garage and could tell that they were going to go look at them. I figured I was going to have to go too, although I’d much rather stay and try to get a glimpse of June’s tits. About that time I looked down the front of June’s blouse again, and saw that not only had she unbuttoned another button, but that I could see a nipple!

Wifes First Time

I had met JT online after he had read one of my stories about how my innocent wife had been used by a friend of mine. He had e-mailed me and expressed a desire to have the same thing happen to his wife. We conversed numerous times and finally hatched a plan. His wife, Sonya, was petite and very pretty. In our conversations he had let me know that he was the only one that she had ever been with. Although she enjoyed sex, it was always routine and never what you would call kinky. She had come from a proper upbringing, and combined with the fact that she was somewhat shy, he never imagined that she could be turned into the wonton slut that he had hoped.

I had talked to Jim, my business partner, and he had agreed it would be fun to fly out and see them. I knew that if anybody could entice Sonya into doing things she would not normally consider, he could. The plan was quite simple really. JT had arranged for someone to watch his kids, telling Sonya that they were going out of town for a special weekend. We were would just happen to run into them at the hotel and he was going to introduce us as really good friends of his from school. We would meet that first evening for dancing and drinks and after a few hours together, I would come up with an excuse for JT and I to leave together for a little while, leaving Sonya to Jim’s charms. A large part of the plan was for JT not to have sex with Sonya for a while in order to insure she was in the mood. JT had written to me enough times that I knew some of Sonya’s most sensitive areas.

Jim and I arrived on Friday and I was quite excited to see Jim ravage another man’s wife like he had done mine. I knew JT and Sonya would be in for the weekend of their life. Jim and I waited in the lobby until we saw JT and Sonya check in. She was looking hot. She was short with perky breasts. I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on them. As JT walked by, I slipped him a sheet of instructions for the evening. He was to meet Jim and me at the hotel lounge where we were staying. It was across town and played a key role in our plan. He was to make sure that Sonya had no money and did not take her purse with her. We would meet them there at 10pm when the introductions of old school buds would take place. At 11:30, I would ask him if he would take me in his car to go back to the airport for a lost bag, leaving Sonya and Jim in the hotel bar.

Jim and I went back to our hotel and prepared the room for Sonya. Jim removed some vibrators and restraints from his bag. We then went over again details of Sonya’s intimate weaknesses; the sensitive clit, her nipples and the sight of a nice large cock. At 9:30 we headed to the bar and waited. Right on time, in walked JT and Sonya. Sonya was in a killer tight dress that accentuated her breasts and tight little ass. As they walked by, JT saw us and went into his act. We made all the introductions and invited them to sit with us. Jim immediately offered to buy drinks for old times sake, and the evening was then set in motion. We all had a few drinks when finally Jim asked JT if he could dance with his gorgeous wife. She was reluctant at first but JT said to go right ahead. He had made it clear how good of friends we had been.

Dinner For Three

It was one of those business dinners, I thought.

My husband has a small but very successful company and deals with a lot of corporate clients so we are frequently entertaining clients at restaurants. This was to be another of those.

“What should I wear?”.

“Whatever you like”

Then he said “What about the blue leather suit?”

I know it’s one of his favourites, he had it made for me. A pretty aqua blue suit, waist length jacket, skirt about 3 inches above the knee with a split in front of the left leg to mid thigh. Tends to show stocking tops if one is wearing suspenders and stockings as I frequently do.

Hmmm I thought to myself, better dress appropriately for this occasion. It could be fun.

We arrived at the restaurant on time and were shown to our table, set for three.

“Our guest on his own?” I enquired of my hubby.

“Yeah, he rang earlier today to say his partner couldn’t make it. Why don’t you take your jacket off, it’s not to cold in here”.

It was autumn and cool outside, but very pleasant in the restaurant.

“No I’m fine,” I said. Just then our guest arrived at the foyer.

“Mark, over here” my husband called.

I watched this tallish good looking man walk towards us, early to mid thirties I thought, dark wavy hair, very nicely dressed in a business suit, shirt and tie all matching perfectly. Wouldn’t mind seeing his muscular frame without his clothes I thought to myself and started to get that familiar warm feeling in my crotch.

“Hi Rob, good to see you” he said to my husband “and you must be Catherine. I’ve heard so much about you but Rob didn’t do you justice.”

Now that warm feeling started to become a wet feeling, I was definitely beginning to get very horny. Being paid a compliment from a very good looking young man when you are in your forty seven is quite a turn on. Not that I’m not well preserved mind you. I look after myself and am quite proud of my 36 26 36 figure. My legs are my greatest asset though, I always wear stilettos and at this stage Mark hasn’t seen my legs.

“Thank you Mark it’s very nice to meet you too”

Dinner progressed nicely. The food was excellent and the conversation lively, although sometimes a little risqué.

“Would you two like to come back to my place for a nightcap” Mark inquired.